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​​Learn how to build remote teams, scale distributed organizations & secure remote work with the best strategies, tools and culture tips from
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​​The experience, insights and best practices of 25+ ​remote work experts ​​curated ​into these ultimate guides to help you establish a remote culture, scale a remote company and secure remote jobs.


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The Remote Work Summit

W​e interviewed 26+ remote work experts who have been there, done that and asked
them all possible questions. 

These C​EOs, CHROs, people managers, ​remote employees, consultants and thought-leaders
talk about how to build remote teams, establish the right culture, conduct virtual meetings,
ensure productivity, communication, collaborationhire the right people
and scale your distributed organization. 

​Featured Speakers​

Courtney Seiter

Director of People 


​Beat Buhlmann


Stella Garber

VP Marketing


Scott Hanselman

Principal Program Manager


Peter Slutsky
Director ​Biz Dev Automattic (WordPress)

Learn from the best, directly.
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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

​For those who prefer reading

The set of four (4) ​guides ​cover:

  • Remote Work Overview & Landscape
  • ​[Beginner] ​Establish ​Remote ​Work ​Culture
  • [Advanced] ​Scaling & Leading a ​Remote ​Company
  • [​Employees] Guide for ​Remote ​Workers & Job Seekers

The Remote Work Summit 2019


​The Remote Work Summit covers the entire spectrum of discussion on remote & agile work 

to give you a 360' view of the industry along with all the required tools & tips from the experts


What is a remote company?
What are the advantages and challenges of running a fully remote startup?
How can you build a remote team today?

Learn from Founders & Entrepreneurs who have built and scaled fully distributed teams.

Scaling a remote company

What is a remote company's technology stack? 
How to hire, interview and manage a remote team?
What is ​the transition process from traditional work environment to a remote one?

Learn from CEOs, Product Managers and Chief People Officer's how to scale your remote teams, systems and processes from 10 to 500.


How to build culture in distributed teams? 
What are the common team building practices?
How can you lead the charge and build the workplace of future?

Join an expert panel of 20+  Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Influencers who talk about the future of the work.

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