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Join Us on 23rd June 2021 for a Full-Day Virtual Gathering to Understand the "How's Remote Work"

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“Office centricity is over.”

When videos and chat screens replaced workplace conversations, and somehow companies were still thriving, we knew that Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify, was onto something when he tweeted that a year ago.

Remote by choice or destiny, today, everybody wants to make it work for their org. And yet, success stories are like a members-only club, celebrated only by a handful of early adopters. Let’s change that. And learn from the leaders at organizations where best practices of remote work were sculpted, tested, and honed.

Meet 2021 Speakers

Dominic Price

Work Futurist - Atlassian

Zack Onisko

CEO - Dribbble

Tracy Hawkins

VP of Real Estate & Workplace - Twitter

Philipp Kristian

Global Innovation X Trust Pioneer

Nadia Vatalidis

Director of People -

Amanda Marochko

Product Manager - Buffer

Perry Timms

Author - Transformational HR & The Energized Workspace

Sairee Chahal

Founder & CEO - Sheroes

Chris Dyer

CEO and Best Selling Author - PeopleG2

Vaibhav Goel

Group Head, HR 2.0 Platform - Reliance Industries

Tony Jamous

CEO - OysterHR

Amanda Nelson

Director of Community Marketing - Salesforce

Sana Nayyar

VP, HR - Urban Company

Adam Chicktong

General Manager - Asana

Komal Singh

Director HR - APAC & EMEA - InMobi

Atma Godara

Production HR Generalist - Netflix

Archana Jerath

Business Leader, Operations - SHRM

Spencer Waldron

Director Brand Communications - Prezi

Carol Cochran

VP of People - FlexJobs

Aditya Sareen

Head, Capability & Leadership Development - Tata Power

Kevin Grossman

President - TalentBoard

Laïla von Alvensleben

Head of Culture and Collaboration - Mural

Rohit Kalro

Head of Digital Transformation & Strategy, India - ThoughtWorks

Marilyn Zakhour

CEO & Founder - Cosmic Centaurs

Meena Kumari

Director of People Practices - Airmeet

Praval Singh

VP Marketing - Zoho

Bhavya Mishra

Director & Head HR - Lenovo India

Sandy Lam

‎Senior Product Designer & Design System Lead - Software AG

Sameer Mathur

Global HR Director - AECOM

Ayush Jaiswal

Founder - Pesto Tech

Cindy Leong

Corporate Trainer - The Enneagram Academy Singapore

Shipra Kayan

Head of Workshop Design - Miro

Join us on 23 June 2021

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Anyone and everyone who envisions the Future of Work.


Insightful talks, wherever you are

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  • EMEA
  • North America

The Remote Future is Already Here: Ensuring #WFH Doesn’t Become #WTF

Trust as a single ingredient will help remove the frictions in a remote workplace. Listen to Philipp talk about how building a solid foundation of trust with your employees and customers can unlock something more significant than your bottom line: social capital.

Speaker: Philipp Kristian, Global Innovation x Trust Pioneer


Defining Career Progression Models for the New Era of Work

Transparency has become a non-negotiable value at remote companies. Everything has to be documented and available to everyone. But employees’ career tracks within a company are still fuzzy. Learn how to build transparent career progression models that empower everybody to put in their best work and get recognized for it.

Speakers: Santosh Nair – Siemens, Archana Jerath – SHRM, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Leadershift Inc and Sana Nayyar – UrbanCompany


Reuniting and Thriving in a Distributed World with Asana

They’re the makers of a tool that enables remote teams all over the world to stay organized and aligned. We were a little curious about how they get work done. Tune in to get under-the-hood insights from the team at Asana.

Speaker: Adam Chicktong, Asana

Fireside Chat

Re-inventing Playbooks: How to Transition from Co-located to Remote

It’s one thing to have built great culture and engagement in an office and entirely another to do it remotely. Join leaders from ThoughtWorks, Sony Pictures, and TataPower as they share their experiences on leading change in hard times. Tune in and take a leaf out of their re-invented playbooks.

Speakers: Rohit Kalro – ThoughtWorks, Bhavya Mishra – Lenovo India, Aditya Sareen – TATApower and  Ayush Jaiswal – Pest tech

Open Mic

Lessons from Working Remotely

Join us for an exclusive session with the global remote workers. Develop connections, find your next career, find your tribe and share your thoughts on remote work, this session is all about you.

Speaker: You

Featured Talk

Transforming the Future of Work, Right Now

Atlassian’s work futurist Dom Price doesn’t believe it’s enough to simply make predictions about the future, or even just prepare for it. What sets Dom apart is his ability to inspire people to transform their working lives, and with it, their futures. This session will be every bit as good as his ted talks.

Speaker: Dominic Price, Atlassian


The Remote Work Intervention: Learning to Confront the Evil-twin

Burnout. Loneliness. A constant fear of not being heard. There are quite a few evil sides to remote work. Do companies weigh out the good and the bad before they make decisions? How can leaders understand and mitigate the side effects? Join our panellists as they unpack the often neglected questions.

Speakers: Cindy Leong (Psychologist), Marilyn Zakhour- Cosmic Centaurs, Nitin Pratap – Airmeet, Vaibhav Goel – Reliance Industries


Crafting an Impactful Remote Career

Sairee is the founder and CEO of Sheroes – a community platform that has directly impacted over a million women and their careers. Hear from this Future of Work Top 100 Influencer on how you can build an impactful career, working remotely.

Speaker: Sairee Chahal, CEO, Sheroes

Fireside Chat

Optimizing for Outcome-based Productivity

Remote working has righted a wrong – by allowing productivity to be measured by outcome rather than hours. Learn how to get your team to rally around outcomes and cultivate the much-needed skill of prioritization from Atma, an HR leader at Netflix.

Speaker: Atma Godara, Netflix

Panel Discussion

Future of Remote Work: Fostering a Self-enabled Culture to Achieve Company Goals

Nadia has led people functions at some of the largest remote-first and people-first companies. Join her as she shares her epiphanies during her journey as the Director of People at, and previously the Head of People Ops at GitLab.

Speaker: Nadia Vatalidis, Director of People –


Creating a Dream Hybrid Workspace: Equal Opportunities and Engagement on Both Sides

We’re likely to return to a workplace, once in a while, to collaborate, learn, and celebrate – not to write memos and share reports. While we’re figuring that out, how do we build practices that prevent employees on either side from feeling like second-class citizens?


Speakers: Perry Timms-Author and Meena Kumari-Airmeet


Delivering Great Presentations Virtually: Lessons from Prezi

Learn the art and science of virtual presentations from the master himself. Spencer has built educational courses on this topic and spent over 12 years honing his craft at companies like Prezi.

Speakers: Spencer Waldron-Prezi

Panel Discussion

Adopting Collaborative Principles that Transcend Time Zones

‘Couldn’t that have been a Slack message?’ – our reaction after 90% of calls. Join remote champions from OysterHR, Mural, and Zoho as they dissect how you could cultivate asynchronous work principles, find a balance between synchronous and asynchronous work, and attain communication-zen.

Speakers: Tony Jamous- OysterHR, Laïla von Alvensleben, Mural and Praval Singh-Zoho


Shaping Values that are Sticky, Exciting, and Inclusive

Values are often the lynchpin that companies fall back on for anything from a hiring decision to navigating scaling pains. Learn how to define and practice values that speak to everyone in your global team.

Speakers: Sameer Mathur – Global HR Director, AECOM + Komal Singh – Inmobi

Panel Discussion

Weaving Transparency into Everyday Things: Inside Stories from Buffer

Buffer has made many things transparent over the years – their revenue, product roadmap, and even their salaries. Listen to Amanda, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Buffer, talk about how holding transparency as the company’s core value has helped shape their everyday work habits.

Speaker: Amanda Marochko, Buffer


Educating People about Remote Working as a Working Style

History of remote working – current trend – laws & policies that promote remote working – career progression.

How to normalise remote working style – what comes next

Speaker: June Bolneo, Learning Experience Design Lead, Grow Remote

Fireside Chat

5 Years of Building Dribbble Remotely: A Retrospect

Zack’s frustration with 2-hour work commutes led to his founding a remote-first company five years ago. And since then, he’s had to stick it to conventions and dive head-first into problems not many people knew how to solve at that time. 

Speakers: Zack Onisko – Dribbble


Finding Candidates who don’t just Fit your Company Culture but Help Evolve it

Treat your culture like lego blocks. Shift them around till you find the perfect structure for the climate. But your values? Keep them set in stone. To find that ideal structure, though, you need candidates who strengthen your values and challenge your culture.

Speakers: Kevin Grossman – Talentboard and Amanda Nelson –  Salesforce

Panel Discussion

Global Expansions: Talent, Culture, and other Nuances Involved

What are the factors that you should reflect on when you’re hiring talent from all over the world? How can you provide the best hiring, onboarding, and working experience for everyone? Find out from leaders at global companies like Mailchimp and FlexJobs.

Speakers: Andy Pittman – MailChimp and Carol Cochran – FlexJobs

Panel Discussion

Deciphering a World (of Work) without Headquarters

You declared remote work as a permanent option. What should your first order of business be? Hiring a dedicated remote head? What policies should you introduce for long-term success? Tracy recalls Twitter’s carefully conceived course of action after they took the remote-first stance.

Speaker: Tracy Hawkins, Global head of remote, Twitter, Kimberlee West, Uniphore



Redesign Processes, Practices and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce

“It’s not a forced pivot – it’s a chance to excel,” says Chris Dyer, the CEO of PeopleG2 which is a fully remote organization that’s routinely ranked one of the best places to work at. Listen to him unpack his strategies on leadership and employee engagement.

Speaker: Chris Dyer, CEO, PeopleG2


How Teams at Miro Turn Every Meeting into a Collaborative and Co-creation Opportunity

Is it somehow possible that some teams in the world actually look forward to team meetings? We found a magician who makes that possible. Join Shipra to learn how teams at Miro turn meetings into co-creation opportunities and stay to experience the power of a brainstorming session done right, live with other attendees.

Speaker: Shipra Kayan, Head of Workshop Design, Miro


Collaboration Patterns and Practices that Breed High Performance

Today, there’s no dearth of channels where you can communicate and collaborate with remote workers. But discovering collaborative patterns and practices that enable high performance for your team comes before choosing channels and tools.

Speaker: Chris Dyer, CEO, PeopleG2

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