Interview by Andrew Henderson from Nomad Capitalist

Financial Management for Remote entrepreneur

Andrew Henderson

Founder, Nomad Capitalist



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  • ​​​​How an entrepreneur working remotely can save on taxes legally.
  • Why you should move to a place where you are treated the best.
  • What all is needed to create a lifestyle of greater freedom. 
  • Does leaving ones home country make more Business sense.


Andrew Henderson born and raised in th U.S., Andrew is an investor, world traveler and an entrepreneur who left Arizona State University to start his own business and 4 US businesses later,  sold everything and decided to travel the world. While his search began with an idea and a few bucks to invest, he now  is the managing director of  Nomad Capitalist, investor, entrepreneur with a remote team from all around the world who travels around 15-20 countries every year: Finding best places to live and start or move your business, strategies and obstacles regarding  getting a second residency or passport, save up and pay less tax and become a global entrepreneur and citizen of the world.