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With enlightening meditation retreats, beautiful beaches, scenic rice fields, and smoldering volcanoes, Bali has traditionally been a serene destination to rejuvenate one's mind and soul. Not restricting to its easy on the eye beauty, Bali, however, has developed to be more than just an island getaway to reconnect with nature.

While Bali is as peaceful as ever, an immense amount of evolution has taken place as this heavily touristed island was destined to one day become a hub for innovation and work retreats.

Past recent years have seen popular startups Magloft, Dragon Game Studio, Bamboomedia, ElevenYellow, and more come out of Bali. And why not! Who wouldn't love to work in a mesmerizing natured and pocket-friendly environment?

The excellent climate, an affordable cost of living, and enthralling nature are the key features of the island that draws the creativity out of the young entrepreneurs, designers, and developers. As soon as you land at the airport, you'll get to perceive the incredible and buzzing energy for entrepreneurs where everybody is so determined and ready to get to work.

To keep the cord of peace attached between your work and nature, you'll get to work at amazing and the coolest co-working spaces in Bali. Whether you're working remotely for a Fortune 500, bootstrapping your startup, or just looking for an inspiring place to produce your next creative artifact, here we have hand-picked the best five co-working spaces for you in Bali.

1. Outpost

Outpost is a precious, beautiful, open, bright co-working space in both locations - Canggu and Ubud. It consists mostly of hot desks, but also offers private office spaces to rent for workshops or meetings.

It offers amenities like High-speed internet, Open-plan workspace, Office/Conference rooms, Skype booths and a Swimming pool. Apart from this, it also comprises of On-site cafe, Air conditioning, On-site coliving, and Events and workshops.

In Canggu location, you can enjoy the blissful sunset from the balcony and find a great blend of community, events and peaceful spaces.

Pricing - The unlimited monthly membership costs $190 and $210 for unlimited with a dedicated desk.

2. Hubud

Being the very first co-working space in Bali, Hubud co-working is located right next to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The workspace builds the community of digital nomads in Ubud by hosting many events and workshops.

Hubud offers various basic amenities like super-fast internet, air-conditioned rooms, outside spaces, meeting rooms and mail address. Apart from this, it also includes other facilities like lockers, Skype booths, in-house cafe, and H-Pass for discounts at local businesses.

Pricing - The membership costs $205 per month.

3. The Onion Collective

Located in Ubud, The Onion Collective is more of a 'Temple of Chill' and 'Passion Lab' instead of a co-working space. The workspace is best suitable for Digital Nomads. If you're looking for Love, Peace, Happiness & Health, The Onion Collective might be the spot in Ubud for you.

The workspace offers amenities fast optic fibre internet, free coffee, tea and water, desks & standing tables and 10% discount in the restaurant for members.

Pricing - The price of membership costs $70 per month.

4. Igdore Co-working Bali

Besides being a co-working space, Igdore is an Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education. The institute is dedicated to enhancing the quality of science, science education, and quality of life for scientists, students, and their families.

But you must be wondering why did I mention it here? Well, the co-working space and micro campus Campus Bali is part of IGDORE – and is loved by many remote workers in Ubud.

If you become a member, you'll enjoy certain perks here such as cozy reading corners, many different types of seating, space for naps and contemplation, meeting rooms, whiteboards & projector, and a small academic library.

Pricing - The price of membership starts at $190 per month.

Work remotely from Bali

Work with your remote team in a co-working space

5. Biliq Bali & Biliqu Sunset

Biliq Bali is the first-ever co-working space in Bali that offers you the space at per-minute rates. It provided an absolute solution to people who don't want to spend the money on a full day pass when they're just planning to work there for a couple of hours.

After the happy success of the concept, Biliq opened up its second location on Kuta's Sunset Road. It offers various amenities such as meeting rooms equipped with a projector, an LCD TV and whiteboards, private, lockable offices, Skype rooms, and custom office suites (Sunset).

Pricing - The monthly membership cost of a dedicated desk is $140.

Remote work environment

Work remotely from tranquil environment 

What do you think?

Are you looking for a top-notch co-working experience? Then you must subscribe to any of these workspaces now and enjoy the wonderful experience of co-working! Or, if you're working remotely, then you can join the Remote Work Summit, and get the significant insights of Remote Work and become an expert.

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    Stay part is all managed, just the work part we needed a proper co-working space kind of environment and these are just too beautiful!

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