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Being Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai, is the more relaxed answer to the madness of Bangkok. It is a major draw for backpackers and travelers from across the globe. The city holds in energy that enthralls those who visit, whether they seek a trekking adventure or a spiritual awakening as they travel from temple to temple. Due to this, many travelers who visit here for the first time return again and again.

Apart from the travel’s perspective, the city has perceived the new generation of work culture as it has become a hub of Remote Workers and Digital Nomads as they’re flocking here to soak up the good life.

Well, working remotely might sound exciting, but just like a coin, it has both its pros and cons. If you’re working remotely from your confined space, you may feel disconnected from the world or may face problems in collaborating with your remote team. This might take you towards loneliness and might face many distractions while working.

So, to starve your distractions and feed your focus, you need to work from a cool co-working space, which will strike a balance between your work environment and your personal life. Click To Tweet Besides this, you’ll likely to strike up a conversation in the co-working space, then in one of Nimman’s hipster cafes, and expand your networking.

1. Hub 53

Located in North Nimman (a 10-minute walk from Maya), Hub 53 is a modern co-working space, that offers coliving and even has a super tasty salad and a smoothie (Hubster) bar next door. You’ll love Hub 53 as you can ask for a salad and shake right at your desk whenever you want.

The workspace also hosts learning boot camps for budding entrepreneurs. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly passes. There’s a separate kitchen area equipped with a decent espresso machine, a small selection of teas, filtered water as well as drooling snacks.

Pricing - The membership plan starts at $93 per month.

2. Starwork

A super modern and well-designed co-working, Starwork is located away from Nimman and Old Town and is next to the Superhighway, near Big C supermarket. The workspace has a lot of ergonomic office chairs, proper desks, and funky synthetic grass on the floor.

The co-working area also has three meeting rooms and three different serviced offices to rent. The co-working space has game consoles, a library corner, and a nap room. While working, you can enjoy sipping coffee at Amazon cafe next door or from two coffee machine capsules and can have complimentary tea and delicious snacks.

Pricing - The monthly membership plan will cost you $95.

3. Addicted to Work

Do you want to work in a peaceful and happy environment? Addicted to Work is an excellent option for you! The workspace is located in a quiet side street off the busy Huay Kaew road. The key attraction of the workspace is that it has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where the staff treats you more like a friend than a customer.

The place is indeed perfect for remote workers who want a co-working space with a homely feel where traditional desserts and local fruits are brought to your desk at one call. The package includes coke, complimentary tea, coffee, filtered water & snacks.

Pricing - For the monthly package, you just have to pay $96.

4. Punspace, Tha Pae Gate

Located in the Old Town, Punspace Tha Pae Gate has a variety of seating choices, including ergonomic desk chairs, wooden stools, and comfy armchairs. The high ceilings, natural light, and indoor plants create a tranquil and airy atmosphere around.

The workspace provides amenities like Skype rooms, printer/ copier, lockers, complimentary tea and coffee, and filtered water. If you’re working remotely, you can give a try to this place, and I’m sure you’ll love the ambiance here!

Pricing - The monthly membership plan starts at $93 and $176 for a dedicated desk.

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5. Punspace

With having two other locations in the city, Punspace is one of the best co-working spaces for all the remote workers. They’re well known for their peaceful and eco-friendly work environment. As a member of the workspace, you can visit any of the 3 locations in Chiang Mai at any time. Moreover, they have 24-hour access to fingerprint security that’s shared between all sites.

The co-working space has an outside courtyard, Skype rooms, printer/ copier, lockers, complimentary tea and coffee, and filtered water. This place is a must-visit for all the remote workers out there!

Pricing - The monthly membership plan starts at $93 and $176 for a dedicated desk.

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What do you think?

Are you working remotely? You must choose to visit any of these co-working spaces and get a spectacular co-working experience ever. Also, get the significant insights of Remote Work by signing up for the Remote Work Summit 2020 and become an expert.

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