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The idea of working 9-to-5 was revoked by Dolly Parton almost forty years ago, and it seems like that Londoners have finally perceived the idea. With the self-employed set, everybody, even the ones working in full-time employment, prefer working more as per their flexibility. With this take, the traditional offices are witnessing a decline.

Sitting and working from home or the streets right next to Big Ben or the London Eye might sound like a piece of cake, but dealing with distractions, collaborations, or managing your time and projects effectively might lead you in a sinking boat.

To deal with the challenges and with this right shift of work culture has hit the demand streak of co-working spaces in the city. While choosing the perfect co-working space for your business, you need to pare down your list of potential work locations by considering a few factors, including your budget, industry, amenities, and preference for access frequency.

Well, bringing together the perks of café culture, members clubs, and serviced offices, we have curated a list of five most relaxed co-working spaces in the city exclusively for you. You can now say goodbye to the challenges that you face every day by choosing to work from any of these co-working spaces.

1. Clubhouse

Located in Mayfair, St. James, Bank, and Holborn, The Clubhouse is a formal co-working space for luxurious businesses. It emerges as the unique business club that sits between co-working spaces and member clubs. That is why it is best suitable for budding startups and businesses.

It offers some services like Couriers, concierges, call answering, flexible meeting areas, meeting rooms, hot and dedicated desks, virtual offices, phone booths, and lockers. It is an excellent platform for meeting with important clients and potential business partners.

Pricing - The price for executive membership costs £225. For club membership, it costs £335, and for house membership, it costs £450 per month.

Work remotely in a peaceful environment

2. The Oval Office

Located off Hackney Road, The Oval Office houses a mix of nonprofits, tech startups, consultancies, and design studios. The workspace is bet suitable for all the creatives out there. Residents have access to TVs and high-end sound systems.

24/7 access, post handling, kitchen facilities, bookable meeting rooms, fast Internet, daily cleaning, and sound system access are some of the perks the package offers.

It renders members access to The Pickle Factory, a music venue, and Oval Space, a spot that hosts music, art, and pop-up events. There are many events, gigs, workshops, and socials that goes on. You can drop in their inquiry box for knowing the membership price.

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3. Makerversity

Exclusively designed for designers, markers, and startups, Makerversity includes access to all of the tools and machines (think 3D printers, CNC-cutters, etc.) you need to bring your ideas to life.

The workspace is best suitable for the makers who need access to machinery. Also, you'll get to join a community of makers who specialize in design, materials, manufacturing, and production.

Pricing - The pricing for full-time membership starts at £390 per month.

4. Interchange

Being an organic accelerator that helps startups without taking equity, Interchange offers deals and £1 million in free software to help its members.

The workspace has an innovation lab where investors, teams, accelerators, and entrepreneurs gather to form plans for revenue growth. It also hosts events like hackathons, creative panels, and demo days.

Pricing - The monthly subscription for the premium hot desk is £350 and £450 for dedicated spaces.

Work Remotely in co-working space

Work remotely in a co-working space

5. Huckletree

If you're looking to expand your network, Huckletree is the best option. It operates as a gathering space for startups, scaleups, innovation teams, and global brands.

The members of the workspace belong to diverse industries such as tech, lifestyle, and startup brands. If you become a member, you will be able to meet industry experts and participate in exclusive business events.

Pricing - Memberships range from 'light' for ten days from £175 + VAT per month to studios for growing teams at £550 + VAT per month.

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Work remotely with an eye-catchy view

What do you think?

If you're looking for a fantastic co-working experience, then don't wait and subscribe to any of these workspaces now! Or, if you're working remotely, then you can get the significant insights of Remote Work by signing up for the Remote Work Summit, where you can learn a lot about the essentials of working remotely and become an expert.

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