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Being the second-largest city in the United States and the largest city in California, Los Angeles is best known for the Hollywood industry, and it's up to the minute urbanization. It's a sprawling metropolis full of movie stars, musicians, surfers, wannabe actors, and lots and lots of traffic.

However, there's a lot more in LA than just the entertainment industry. In recent years, LA has emerged as one of the top startup hubs in the world. If you're working remotely and looking out for a co-working space, then no wonder you've got gogo options in the city.

With the rise of Silicon Beach, where over 500 tech startups were born under the LA sun, the city is now emanating as a central hub for various startups. The co-working spaces in LA are embracing budding startups by providing state-of-the-art amenities in addition to workplace solutions and hence, have acquired immense popularity.

For you, we've picked up the best five co-working spaces where you can maximize your creativity and productive output.

1. LAX Co-working

Being a distinguished co-working space, LAX co-working has a collaborative environment that fosters growth and creativity. The working space is best suitable for travelers who need a place to get some work done before they catch their next flight.

LAX co-working is a fantastic platform for building authentic connections between startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs each day. The working space provides basic amenities like comfortable ergonomic chairs, free coffee, tea, energy drinks, multiple high-speed WiFi networks, happy hours, printing resources, and referral networks. With the friendly working ambiance, you'll surely be excited to come to work and will find your network expand almost effortlessly over time. 

Pricing - The membership cost of the dedicated desk starts at $159 per month.

2. The Collection

Located inside a beautifully restored historic building in the midst of the hustle and bustle of DTLA, The Collection gives the flexible yet sophisticated working ambiance in the downtown LA area. Space is a perfect place for entrepreneurs as it combines both luxury and tech-savvy perks, and focus on empowering entrepreneurs pursuing their business endeavors.

While the members of the workspace hail from every major industry, but the majority of them work in architecture, design, digital arts, real estate, film, or apparel. It provides basic amenities like coffee, blazing fast internet, and meeting rooms and can accommodate up to 200 members. It also has space for host networking events, seminars, or a celebration space for your company's end-of-year party. You can check the membership price on their official website.

3. Ignited Spaces

Ignited Spaces is a creative co-working space, Los Angeles, with a lot of facilities to offer. Located in the heart of the city - California Market Center, this place is a perfect blend of style and flexibility. You get a chance to work alongside high-spirited coworkers who will help you with your venture.

The workspace holds a special position in the list of top co-working spaces in LA. It provides basic amenities like IT support, High-Speed WIFI, Parking, flexibility, 24/7 safety.

Pricing - The membership subscription starts at $200 per month.

4. The Hatchery Press

Are you looking for a high-quality workplace at a reasonable price? Well, you can try out The Hatchery Press. Best suitable for writers, the amenities it provides will help you narrate the story you have been trying to tell.

You can get rid of Monday blues by relaxing or working on the rooftop patio or hit the distraction-free room. Having a grill, panini press, and a fully stocked communal kitchen, you can avoid feeling peckish. Some perks that you can get here are community workshops, free coaching sessions, complimentary tea and coffee, discounted classes, resource library.

Pricing - The monthly membership subscription starts at $350.

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5. The Riveter

The Riveter is a female-forward co-working space that provides creative and flexible workspace solutions. However, this space is built by women; it welcomes working professionals from the male community as well. Space helps you generate a sense of self-analysis of your aspirations and goals.

The ambiance is much more community-driven and will help you perform your tasks enthusiastically. You can also get an opportunity to work with great professionals who can help you with your work. Space also organizes informative events that may help you in your personal growth.

Pricing - For the floating desk, the monthly membership subscription starts at $150, and for the dedicated desk is $550, and $2200 per month for a private office.

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If you're looking for a spectacular co-working experience, then don't wait and subscribe to any of these workspaces now! Or, if you're working remotely, then you can get the significant insights of Remote Work by signing up for the Remote Work Summit, where you can learn a lot about the essentials of working remotely and become an expert.

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