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Technology is running at a pace where it has given rise to the new generation of work culture - Remote Work. Work culture driven by the flexibility of location independence has become the talk of the town as most of us are likely to work as per our comfort zones. Simultaneously, smart and creative workers are occupying a colossal space in this work culture. 

With the inception of new work culture, it’s become quite easy to work remotely with laptops, smartphones, and reliable WiFi connection. Working while sipping coffee at your favorite jazzy cafe might sound cool, but it becomes tough to stay connected with the team. To fix it, the creative workers expect more than bland ‘business centers’ and sterile ‘serviced office space’ setups.

There might be many options to work from, but fortunately, co-working spaces have emerged as the best option you can rely on. Co-working spaces are basically shared office spaces for road warriors, freelancers, digital nomads, startups, and other spheres.

From affordable local haunts to beautiful luxury spaces at the top of the New York City, we have chosen the best five co-working spaces for all New Yorkers out there.

1. Voyager HQ

Best suitable for the traveling industry, Voyager HQ is located in the Chelsea neighborhood. It is the best gathering space for travel industry leaders to work. The USP that this workspace has is it offers opportunities to gain exclusive expert knowledge and find investors or partners.

Space comprises one kitchen, 50 dedicated desks, three private offices, and various meeting rooms. The basic amenities include Wi-Fi, printing access, and coffee.

Pricing - The dedicated desk monthly membership costs $249 per month and  $799 for a dedicated clubhouse for four months.

Work remotely from co-working spaces

2. Galvanize

Located in the West SoHo region of New York City, Galvanize includes 6,000 feet of co-working space out of its 55,000 square feet in total area. The basic amenities it offers are conference rooms, private phone booths, bike storage, onsite staff, mentor and workshop programs, locally sourced coffee, and free printing.

Galvanize is best suitable for Tech startups. It offers a networking, educational, business, and training hub, and common programs include meetups, hackathons , and coding boot camps. To check the price of the membership, you can visit their official website.

3. Neuehouse

Neuhouse is one of the best co-working spaces for creatives as you'll find a collective of people from different artistic professions, including film making, fine arts, architecture, fashion, and design.

The workspace is located in Madison Square Park. Within the walls of the co-working space, you'll get to see all the types of artifacts inclining towards artists. The entire ambiance will surely leave you in awe. It offers standard services such as Wi-Fi, printing, and meeting room access.

Pricing - For communal workspace, the membership will cost you $150 and $4,500 for private studios.

4. The Farm SoHo

Are you willing to escape the chaos of the city and work in peace? Well, then you must take a visit to The Farm SoHo workspace as you'll love the space's natural wood designs and furnishings taken from the barn decor.

A nap room and a hideaway tree house are some whimsical amenities the workspace offers. Home to Blueprint Health accelerator, The Farm lets anyone in the healthcare industry take advantage of networking and programming opportunities inside.

Pricing - Shared desks cost $179 per month while Private desks cost $345 a month.

5. Spacious

Pardon yourself from noisy, crowded cafes with a spotty internet connection and get a peaceful and try out working at Spacious. It is considered one of the best and most convenient co-working spaces for Remote Workers and Freelancers.

Spacious offers basic amenities like Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, outlet space, a communal setting, and ample room to maintain your productivity during business hours.

Pricing - Being a pocket-friendly workspace, it offers subscription at $99 for a month for an annual plan.

Remote Work in New York

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Do you intend to work remotely and haven't subscribed to any of these yet? Well, do it now and get a fantastic experience of working in a co-working space. Also, get the significant insights of Remote Work by signing up for the Remote Work Summit 2020, where you can learn a lot about the essentials of working remotely and become an expert.

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