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Being the oldest, biggest and most beautiful of all Australian cities, Sydney lies amid a seductive intermingling of land and sea. Besides being the most enthralling cities in Australia, Sydney is also becoming a central hub for remote workers, remote entrepreneurs and budding startups.

When you work remotely, don’t have a mandatory start time, and you get to pick and choose where you want to work from. It might sound very cool and piece of cake to all, but for anyone who has worked remotely before, you’ve probably run into the problem of finding a comfortable space to be productive.

These problems have ushered the growth of many co-working spaces in the city. Earlier, the concept of co-working spaces was obscure, and many remote workers, remote entrepreneurs or freelancers used to work in cafes or from home itself, which eventually hindered their creativity somehow.

To drift away from your obstructions and get you a better and smooth working environment, we have listed down the best five co-working spaces in Sydney, where you can work with tranquillity and maintain the remote culture of your remote company.

When you work remotely, don’t have a mandatory start time, and you get to pick and choose where you want to work from. Click To Tweet

1. Paramount by The Office Space

Located at Brisbane Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, Paramount is designed by Woods Bagot is housed in the iconic Art Deco style Paramount House. You can pop down to Paramount for a killer coffee, or to the Golden Age Cinema Bar for a tipple (depending on the hour, we won’t tell).

Comprising of 22 private suites, Paramount has a boardroom, kitchen facilities and multiple other workspaces. The decor of the entire co-working space is done by the luxury materials (wood, brass, leather) and has a sculptural brass bar.

Pricing - The membership plan starts at $200 per day.

Work Remotely at your favourite desk

2. Your Desk

Your Desk is located at Clarence street (moments away from Town Hall station). It includes three beautiful levels of custom-designed plushness. The spaces have over 40 open plan desks and private offices and include interior decorated meeting rooms, fully stocked kitchens and lounge room.

Luxe combos of marble-topped tables and bold jewel-toned furnishings balance the decor perfectly. Your Desk is a perfect environment for meeting and greeting or smooth productivity.

Pricing - The membership plan starts at $299 per month.

3. La Porte Space

La Porte Space is not just a co-working space but has become a top destination for events, photographic shoots and brand showings. The workspace has 16 serviced luxury office spaces and 5 open-plan offices, and multiple New York-style photographic studios. And with a concierge, valet services and a barista bar, what else could one ask for in a workspace?

The restrained colour palette of buttery leathers, white painted brick, matte black walls, greenery and wood, this space has been designed with high-end finishes in mind.

Pricing - The weekly membership plan of the workspace starts at $450.

4. The Porter

Located at O’Connell Street, Sydney, The Porter is a high-quality collaborative space that has created a destination of itself with its gorgeous lobby area. The workspace is a perfect place for solo workers and small teams as well as larger remote teams due to its flexible spaces and has a wide range of tools for all working requirements.

The interior decor of the workspace is done with fine detailing as the sweeping lines and luxe detailing is surely a force to be reckoned with a captivating finish. Also, mahogany Parque floor, buttery chesterfields, punches of royal blue and white moulded walls are easy on one’s eye.

Pricing - Per day seating will cost you $38.50.

Work Remotely in a dazzling work environment

5. Clarence

Clarence co-working space is located at Castlereigh Street and York Street, Sydney and is best suitable for all professionals. The top floor of the space boasts stunning Sydney Harbour views and is only a 5-minute walk from the Law Courts, Downing Centre and Sydney Family Court.

The wall of greenery which breathes life into space is the key attraction of the workspace. Moreover, the leather handles on the cupboard doors and all hanging pendant lamps are an epitome of contemporary detailing interior.

Pricing - The membership plan starts at $800 per month.

What do you think?

If you’re a Remote Worker and facing any problem while working from home or any cafe, you can purchase the membership plan of any of these workspaces and ensure a flawless co-working experience. Also, get the significant insights of Remote Work by signing up for the Remote Work Summit 2020 and become an expert.

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