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Well known for the vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, Thailand is fondly referred to as the 'Venice of the East.' It has an active nightlife scene with a population of more than eight million. Thailand is a smart choice when it comes to the life of a Digital Nomad. 

Imagine hopping to street food markets and tasting the scrumptious and drooling curries, enjoying sipping your favorite beer or cocktails at bars, visiting peaceful and blissful beaches, and getting sizzling jungle vibes. In a nutshell, Thailand surely has a lot to offer. With this, the country has become a hotspot for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads with a bustling scene in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. 

If you're working remotely or working remotely with your current company, you can now find a functional co-working space, as every couple of months, new co-working spaces open up for all budding startups. All the remote workers can now send-off the problems they face while connecting with their remote teams or maintaining engagement and focus. 

From a laid back café vibe to a more formal office setting, Co-working spaces in Thailand offers you the choice to work in any working environment. Here we have curated a list of the best five co-working spaces in the country for you. 

1. The Hive

Located in Thailand's residential area, The Hive is a stylish co-working space in the country and is one of Asia's most dynamic creative communities of co-working spaces. It is constructed on five floors and offers plenty of space for everyone. It's a perfect spot for you if you love rooftop lounges and spas. 

The facilities it offers are hot desks, reliable Wi-Fi, printer, Skype room, 24-hour member access, and complimentary coffee and beer for the members. This co-working space has everything you need for your remote work and remote team, and it's great for meeting other creative souls and like-minded people and share your ideas and thoughts. 

Pricing - The monthly membership cost is $116.54.


HUBBA co-working space was founded in 2012 and now has its offices in four different locations - HUBBA Ekkamai, Discovery HUBBA, HUBBA-TO, and HUBBA Silom. The workspace is best suitable for remote entrepreneurs and budding startups, and many local and foreign entrepreneurs host workshops and keynotes. 

Working at HUBBA gives you a vibe like you've visited a friend's house to get some work done. With a non-spotty internet connection, it has a kitchen. It has a greenhouse boardroom in the garden, which is fully occupied with local startups. It also offers a trampoline (just in case you need to let some energy loose.) 

Pricing - The price of membership starts at $96.80 per month.

Virtual Team meeting

Virtual Team Meeting

3. The Company

Located in the heart of Bangkok at Asok, The Company is a platform where businesses, residences, and entertainment district gathers. Like other co-working spaces, this space has dedicated desks, hot desks, and meeting rooms. This workspace is proven to be flexible and inspiring place to work in for freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. It also helps them build their brands globally by linking them with local and international communities.

If you’re a remote worker and looking for a perfect co-working space, this will surely be a good fit. It offers basic amenities such as office equipment, mail service, cafeteria, Wi-Fi, phone booth, and locker. Other unique features it provides are Startup Business Support, Lounge & Beverage Counter, Gym for fitness fanatic peeps, convenience stores, and restaurants.

Pricing - The price of shared seats starts at $145.68 per month.

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4. BeachHub

BeachHub is the world's first beachfront co-working space and comes with a private white sand beach! It has a vibe that has a blend of an exotic and chilled atmosphere giving it a unique twist. 

The workspace offers facilities such as fiber-optic Wi-Fi, bamboo Skype hut, hammocks, which can be used for brainstorming, beachfront desks, outside shower, and the option of sitting on beanbags or ergonomic chairs. Once you step in, you'll find such a relaxed and comfy, working atmosphere. You can take a break from your work and enjoy the sizzling and mouth-watering food at the cafe to cater to your hunger. 

Pricing - The price of membership is $210.42 per month.

5. Launchpad

Located at Pan Road, Silom (a short bike ride away from the Surasak BTS stop), Launchpad is one of the easiest to access co-working spaces in Thailand. There could be no better co-working space if you're not too strict on your punctuality. 

With is easy-peasy sort of environment, you can pay your visit to this workspace if you're not working on hard deadlines. The relaxation area of the workspace is an excellent spot for networking, and you can refresh your mind by sitting back on a bean bag to play PS4.

Pricing - The monthly membership cost starts at $176.11.

Remote work environment

 Relaxing while working on bean bag

What do you think?

Are you looking for a stellar co-working experience? Then you must subscribe to any of these workspaces now and enjoy the fantastic experience of co-working! Or, if you're working remotely, then you can join the Remote Work Summit, and get the significant insights of Remote Work and become an expert.

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