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Best known for its' work hard, play hard' attitude, Toronto's new cache of co-working spaces are amalgamating these spheres together under one roof. Due to which many employees in the city are patronized by working from hybridized offices.

Being the innovative, economic, and financial center of Canada, Toronto's startup ecosystem is diverse and full of liveliness. Co-working spaces in Toronto are continuously striking to meet the demands of the new-born and budding startups.

The city has a big pie of co-working spaces for all the professionals. Be it an entrepreneur, a businessman, a designer, a remote worker, a developer, or a freelancer, everyone gets a share in the pie.

Especially if you're working remotely or working from home, you work as per your flexibility and from your favorite place. But every time you can't stay in the loop, and sometimes even distractions happen to occur. Working from a cool co-working space will be a good fit to get rid of both these problems.

For you, we have selected the best five co-working spaces in Toronto, where you can enjoy the pleasant social experiences while working and without interrupting your productivity.

1. Project Spaces

Located at 73 Bathurst Street, Project Spaces has been catering to hackers, hustlers, and hardworking creators of all kinds since 2011. It currently has its workspaces in two locations in the city. Project Spaces provide flexible, collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and mobile workers.

The members working here are thinkers, leaders, and innovators working in an expansive range of industries. The perks you'll get here are health and dental plans, as well as complimentary unlimited tea and coffee, and 24/7 building accessibility. Being a growing network of founder-friendly co-working spaces in downtown Toronto, Project Spaces is best suitable for Remote Workers, Freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Pricing - The Hot desk will cost you $200 per month, while it ranges from $350-$395 for a dedicated desk.

Work remotely from Toronto

Work remotely from Toronto

2. Devhub

Being the first co-working space in Canada, Devhub is also an educational hub. The workspace is the least expensive day rental and is the best fit for all the developers out there. Having a community of support, they promote growth through mentorship and collaboration.

Unlike other co-working spaces, Devhub is a space for members to learn, teach, code, engage, connect, and be prepared for upcoming challenges. Devhub, along with being a pet-friendly space, also offers various perks such as quiet working areas, standing desks, device labs, whiteboards, standing desks, and hack nights.

Pricing - For the Communal desk, the monthly membership costs $300 and $450 for a dedicated desk.

3. Venture X

Having a boutique hotel vibe, Venture X is located in Mississauga and is one of the cheapest options for a hot desk. The workspace has a diverse and growing community of tech startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, marketing teams, financial advisors, realtors, and lawyers.

The workspace offers basic amenities, including high-tech meeting rooms, super-fast internet, 24/7 keycard access, and dedicated hospitality staff. You will surely love the friendly ambience here and will be able to focus well on your productivity.

Pricing - The monthly memberships cost of the hot desk is $195, whereas $400 for a dedicated desk.

Having a boutique hotel vibe, Venture X is located in Mississauga and is one of the cheapest options for a hot desk. The workspace has a diverse and growing community of tech startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, marketing teams,… Click To Tweet

4. The Centre of Social Innovation, Annex

Founded in 2004, The Centre of Social Innovation - Annex is a network of Toronto co-working spaces, each housing nonprofits, charities, and social ventures. The workspace provides its members with the tools they need to accelerate their success and turn up their impact.

The workspace features timber-paneled ceilings and wooden floors and has a cafe that serves locally sourced food. The Centre of Social Innovation occupies four locations in Toronto and one location in New York.

Pricing - The monthly membership cost of the hot desk is $125 and $450 for a dedicated desk.

Remote work from co-working space

Remote work from co-working space

5. Women on the Move

Glory, Freedom, and Empowerment are the three evergreen traits that are present in women on the move. For better sustainability of these traits, Women on the Move was established for women around who aim to run their ventures.

The workspace is a shared hub that provides all the help that a woman entrepreneur needs to develop her venture. What could be a better place to empower 'she economy' than a co-working space designed and established for women by women? Complimentary coffee and tea, a guru help desk, free workshops, professional networks, as well as professional and social events, are some of the perks that members can enjoy.

Pricing - The membership of the hot desk costs $125 per month.

Remote work environment

Choose your own remote work environment

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All the Remote Workers can now enjoy the best remote working experience by choosing to work at any of these co-working spaces in Toronto. If you're a remote worker, then you must join the Remote Work Summit now to get the best insights of working remotely and become an expert.

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