Interview by Brianne Thomas from Appirio

HR Best Practices for Hiring & On-boarding

Brianne Thomas

Director Talent Acquisition, Appirio



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  • Hiring process at Appirio
  • On-boarding of remote teams - Appirio 101 course
  • Remote vs co-located culture
  • 'Virtuous cycle' of customer and employee satisfaction
  • Remote work as a perk


Brianne Thomas is an HR Leader who works with Executives at Appirio to implement innovative talent solutions that provide an award-winning employee experience to their teams. Working in technology and services for over 10 years, Brianne believes in the power of investment in talent to grow a company and drive results to the bottom-line. Supporting teams that are almost 100% remote around the globe, she has built and adapted talent and culture initiatives to strengthen engagement for a thriving distributed work team.

Brianne holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Human Resources from Indiana University and is working on a Master's in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University, and is trained and certified in Predictive Index for workforce management. Appirio, a Wipro Company, helps customers improve Worker & Customer experiences with outcome-oriented consultants who bring the latest digital thinking and unmatched cloud experience; creating actionable strategies that deliver results quickly, and help organizations adapt to a new experience-driven era.