Interview by Carol Cochran from FlexJobs

Recruiting, On-Boarding and Engaging a
100% Virtual Team

Carol Cochran

Director of People & Culture, FlexJobs




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  • Hire and on-board remote employees
  • Curate, Plan and Execute the culture of organisation
  • Performance evaluation & feedback systems
  • Personal challenges and how to get a remote job


An evangelist for work flexibility, Carol Cochran sees the benefits of flexible work options for individuals, business, and society at large.

Carol is the Director of People & Culture at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible jobs. She oversees all aspects of human resources, including recruiting, development, and retention.

Since joining the team at FlexJobs, Carol has helped to grow the company to a team of more than 90 people, all working from home offices around the country. She has great hands-on experience and knowledge in recruiting, managing, and engaging a 100% virtual team.