When your organization is suddenly forced to transition to remote work, providing employees, contractors, or volunteers with funds to allow them to do their jobs can be a huge challenge:

• Standard corporate cards, cash, and checks have little to no control over spending
• Employees often need funds in a hurry to maintain operational efficiency
• Requiring employees to use personal funds and be reimbursed can create financial hardship
• Finance team has little to no transparency until expense reports are submitted

E.J. Bernard, Account Executive - Card Solutions Team, Emburse at The Remote Work Summit 2020

Current Process

  1. Employees get purchase card/cash
  2. Purchases occur with little to no real-time oversight
  3. Finance team manually reviews expense reports
  4. Reconciliation is complicated, spending left unaccounted for

Emburse's Process

  1. Employees instantly receive cards with preset, self-enforcing spending rules.
  2. Emburse has full transaction data, and prompts users to reconcile in real time.
  3. Finance team reviews transactions, with full transparency and control over spending.

Key Features

Instant card creation - Physical and virtual cards can be created, restricted, and assigned to employees within seconds. Virtual cards are immediately available to use at online merchants, or with Apple/Google Pay.

Purchase requests – employees can seamlessly request additional funds if they need to make large purchases.

Instant transaction notification – cardholders and admins can view transactions seconds after they happen, and users are automatically reminded to capture receipts via their mobile device.

Granular Card Restrictions

  • Card spending can be restricted by budget, merchant category, date, transaction amount, and more
  • Restrictions can be set on an card-by-card basis, or standard templates can be set for each department
  • Updates to restrictions changes occur in real time
  • Granular spending rules also make it easy to provide remote perks (lunches, online education allowances), manage AP spend, put on remote happy hours.

Card Overview

  1. Card budgets update in real time.
  2. In case of loss or theft, cards can be suspended or terminated with one click.
  3. Budgets can be amended at any time if more or less money is needed.
  4. Cards will automatically expire once used, or after a certain date.
  5. Spending can be restricted to certain categories to prevent misuse.