The way we work and hire is changing rapidly. 

Remote work has become the new norm because of the dual benefits it delivers for employees and employers. 

But even with the way we work changing so quickly, the process of hiring has remained stuck in the dark ages, relatively unchanged for the past decade— until now.

In this case study, we’ll look at a brand new model of remote hiring from Boldlypremium subscription staffing and why it could be a game changer for business owners and HR departments everywhere.

Matt Criticos, Co-founder, Boldly at The Remote Work Summit 2020

Hiring someone as an employee or freelancer is administratively burdensome, expensive and rigid. Recruiting is time-consuming and fraught with risk. Employees mean handling payroll, legal contracts, benefits, tax administration, nexus issues (for remote employment) and more. And finding a freelancer that matches your wants, needs, budget and schedule is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But one company decided they wanted to change that narrative. 

Given how much the subscription economy has changed consumer expectations in industries like transportation, software, cloud storage, product delivery, etc. Boldly began to see business owners looking for similar convenience in every area of their business — including hiring.

In 2018, they launched premium subscription staffing to pioneer a new way to hire remotely.

According to Matt Criticos, the company’s Co-Founder,

This new model removes the risk, inefficiencies and administrative burdens of remote hiring while leaving in place all the benefits - and even adding a few more.

And it’s catching on. 

Executives from companies like Apple, Google and Facebook as well as small businesses and solopreneurs are now using this new model, and word is continuing to spread.

What Can Subscription Staffing do for companies?

Matt describes it this way: “The core of subscription staffing is the idea that growing businesses are significantly more likely to be successful if leaders can bring onboard talented staff they need quickly, easily, and flexibly.”

According to Matt, some of the key benefits for subscriptions staffing vs. other types of remote hiring solutions include:

  • Companies can get fast (usually within a week) matching to talented, guaranteed staff without recruitment (Boldly’s team members have 10-15 years of experience on average in their field of speciality) 

  • Companies pay a single monthly payment without the burden of payroll, contracts, and other legal issues

  • Most importantly, businesses get the flexibility and scalability to work with someone or multiple people on a fractional basis for the exact amount of time you need each month

But this isn’t just good for businesses. The benefits extend to workers as well.

How is Subscription Staffing Good for Workers?

Matt explains, “Unlike the rigidity of traditional employment, subscription staffing offers talented workers greater flexibility, the opportunity to work remotely, and the opportunity to work with a variety of interesting companies, which we’ve found through data and surveying our team leads to greater satisfaction, stimulation and ongoing learning.”

The idea of subscription staffing, which was taken and adapted from our love for subscription services in every aspect of our businesses and personal lives, also differs in the fact that it is a compliant solution.

Unlike the Gig Economy, which offers quick access to remote workers but exposes those workers to significant risk and leaves them without any of the benefits and protections of employment, subscription staffing through Boldly takes care of employment requirements, leaving a simple win-win for businesses and staff alike.

What kind of businesses can take advantage of subscription staffing?

Because subscription staffing is a convenient and legally compliant solution, it’s unique in its ability to appeal to companies of any size, in a wide variety of industries. 

Here are a few real examples of what it has looked like in practice for some of Boldly’s diverse clients:

Enterprise Clients:

Boldly was approached in early 2019 by an executive at a multinational beverage and brewing company. The executive had a strategic marketing and partnership project that needed to be started quickly. 

After speaking with his internal HR department, he realized that finding someone qualified to assist them (and then going through the hiring process) was going to take at least 3 months--much more time than he actually had. 

This executive got in touch with Boldly and inquired about subscription staffing. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to find exactly what he was looking for— someone experienced, with strong sales, marketing and project management skills, and preferably someone with beverage industry knowledge who could get up to speed quickly.

He was shocked when Boldly matched him with Karen — a member of the Boldly team with 20 years of experience at Pernod Ricard (a close competitor). Within 2 days of getting in touch with Boldly, the client and Karen began working together. 

The outcome? Karen allowed the client to launch the project ahead of schedule, and has remained a key member of their marketing team over the long-term.


An international management consulting firm was seeking a compliant remote staffing solution to ease the administrative burden for some of their senior partners. They needed someone ongoing, but were aware that using contractors for long-term projects could lead to issues of employee misclassification. 

They needed a high-level executive assistant that had extensive experience with complex travel planning, complex scheduling, expense management, and other administrative support.  

They reached out to Boldly with their requests and were matched in less than a week with Jennifer, an executive assistant with 10 years of experience at McKinsey.

The match was so successful that the client has since increased from one executive assistant to three. The Boldly team members have now freed up hundreds of hours for ten+ managing partners at the company.


An owner of a small marketing agency in Washington needed someone to assist her with content development and project management, but she knew she didn’t need to bring someone on full or even part-time. She needed a fractional, compliant solution with guaranteed quality.

The client approached Boldly, who matched her with Simone, a content and marketing manager with 15 years of professional experience. Within 5 days, they began working together. 

One year after Simone joined the team, the client took 6 months off for maternity leave, leaving Simone to help keep the business running (which she’s successfully done).

What does the future look like with subscription staffing?

Remote work is here to stay, and Matt believes that the companies who prepare for this change and find more suitable and innovative ways to make it work for their company will continue to benefit. 

“Any company that doesn’t respond to this shift in the world is going to lose out on finding the best talent, because there is a mass exodus of talent leaving the 9 to 5 behind to work this way. Embracing remote work may be the only way to find the talent that they need.

The winners are going to be those companies who find ways to make remote work work - which means changing the way they hire, the way they manage, the way they build their culture etc.”

Does your company have a special project you’ve been delaying? Do you need a better way to implement low-risk experimentation? Have you been looking at hiring for a role but weren’t sure if you’d be able to find the level of talent it requires?

Premium subscription staffing could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

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