Most of the working population starts their day by checking emails they received during the past twelve hours of their schedule. Irrespective of the designation, one spends more time on emails without understanding the priority level of each message.

As a matter of fact, a recent survey was conducted with around 50,000 designers and knowledge workers from across the globe. It states that most people can't go even six minutes without checking their inbox.

Dmitri Leonov, Co-founder, SaneBox at The Remote Work Summit 2020

David Newman once said - "Email has an ability that many channels don't - creating valuable, personal touches - at scale." and Sanebox has been working orderly as a one-stop solution with a demeanor to create value for its users. 

Sanebox began their journey in 2010, and guess what? They have thrived in the market with their exceptional USP. They have teamed up with  1Password, Droplr, Todoist, actiTIME, Bonsai, ClickUp, Evercontact, FacileThings, FocusAtWill, Freedom, FullContact, Habit Nest, Momentum Dash, TextExpander, RescueTime, Shift,, WiseStamp.

Since almost everyone has started working remotely, using Sanebox can really become bread and butter for all.

A little Background is Necessary

Founded by Stuart Roseman, in 2010, SaneBox is an email management software that segregates the email messages into categories and moves the messages that it finds unimportant into a folder for later processing. 

According to Sanebox:

“Back in 2010 email overload wasn't nearly as bad as it is today, and our purpose has only become clearer and our mission grander since.” 

So, they thought of a few rules for whatever the solution would be: 

  • The customer doesn't have to do or learn anything

  • It has to work everywhere people check their email today

  • It has to be as secure as humanly possible

  • It has to get better over time

  • It has to be valuable enough for people to be happy to pay for

And this is how SaneBox came to life. It's a simple service that analyzes your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc) and determines the importance of incoming emails without ever looking at the content (only the headers). It moves unimportant emails out of the Inbox into a separate folder called SaneLater and summarizes them in a digest.  It works anywhere you check your email (since it's just an email folder).

What do they have at hand?

Sanebox integrates with IMAP and Exchange Web Services email accounts. It integrates with a user's email and keeps track of past email usage to determine what emails are relevant. The emails that are important remain in the inbox, and the ones which are deemed unimportant are moved to a different folder named 'SaneLater' for later processing. 

Another type of sifting deletes incoming mails from assigned senders, a feature that aims to serve a similar purpose to unsubscribing from email records.

 In addition to filtering, Sanebox offers several features -

  1. Snoozing Non-Urgent Emails: At times, some important emails are left unattended, which causes a huge problem later on. SaneBox allows you to remove them from your Inbox until the following day, one week from now, or some other determined time.

  1. Reply Tracking: Sanebox reminds you about the mail you sent goes unanswered by a specific time.  

  1. To-Do Management: To-do management is a feature in which it sends email reminders to notify you of important events in the future.

  1. Cloud Storage Integration: It integrates with storage tools such as Dropbox, Box, and IBM SmartCloud and sends your attachments to these and improves the organization of your documents. 

One-Click-Unsubscribe: It not only wastes time but also leads to more span when you unsubscribe to individual emails. SaneBox allows you to unsubscribe from a sender with one click, and it ultimately goes into the trash folder.

Whom have they helped?

University of Arizona School of Architecture

The University of Arizona School of Architecture gets to deal with an immense amount of emails every day. To manage the influx of mails, the team had no such system in place. Keeping in mind the fact that spending hours sorting all the mails won't last for a long time, they began to find a perfect solution for this.

So, the Assistant to the Director, Patti Van Leer, attended a webinar on email management where they found SaneBox - the top-notch solution to their problem. 

Van Leer first used SaneBox on her own inbox to explore the various features of the tool and check how it will help her team to get an organized email management flow. Once she saw her cluttered inbox turning into an organized and tidy one, she was highly impressed. 

Later, she started rolling out the tool to other members, and they witnessed a boost in their productivity. 

Van Leer happily exclaimed, "Customizing our individual SaneBoxes means we spend less time managing email. Those of us who have fully embraced it can't imagine working without it."

Xzito Hacks Their Way To Increased Productivity and Better Email Management

Xzito team was dealing with productivity drains. And guess what it was? The cluttered email inbox. Xzito partner Jeshua Zapata realized that he needed to find a solution for the email management issues, and after a little research, he found SaneBox. 

With SaneBox's amazing features and productivity enhancement assurance, Zapata was impressed, and yes, they made it! 

This is what Zapata has to say about SaneBox - "SaneBox helps us save time and allows us to keep our mailbox clean. It removes unnecessary emails, and it also reminds [us] to follow up, ensuring that nothing gets missed… It helps us stay connected with clients, leads, and our internal team. It also helps us set expectations and drive workflow."

Intuit Research Takes Their Time Back With SaneBox

To manage the influx of ample numbers of emails, Intuit found SaneBox as their one-stop solution. The best feature they liked about the tool was SaneReminders, which helps track emails that require a response. 

The Intuit Research Co-founder, Thomas Isaac, exclaimed, "It's made it much easier – focus on the important emails and check the rest when I get a SaneLater email to check which filtered emails I actually want to see."

TechMD Prioritizes Teamwork by Organizing Their Inboxes with SaneBox

TechMD found the potential resolution to its problem of managing emails and keeping the entire team on track. One of the managers recommended Sebastian Igreti, TechMD President used SaneBox and guess what, he just loved it! 

Overwhelmed with happiness, Sebastian exclaimed, "I don't dread opening my inbox like I did before — SaneBox consistently keeps your inbox clean after you train it, so you never really have to worry about it."

Wrapping up

While you're working remotely, you must make sure that you don't sink in your flooded email inbox cause if you do so, then it would become quite a challenge for you to maintain your productivity, and ultimately you'll see a downfall in it. So, manage your emails in an organized way so that you work efficiently and effectively and maintain a balance between your work life and personal life. 

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