EIO Solutions is Canada’s first Employee Investment Optimization firm. They are on a mission to give small business owners control of the money they spend on their people so
they can get more value from those investments.

The result: businesses are positioned to thrive. Their team of EIO Experts ensure clients’ HR processes are streamlined; health & safety compliance is safeguarded; fines and lawsuits are avoided; and health benefit premiums are stabilized. EIO Solutions has been operating since 2012, providing HR management, health benefits, and employee perks and wellness services for companies in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.



EIO Solutions was looking for a way to quickly scale their business. They relied on full-time, highly- skilled employees to deliver Employee Investment Optimization solutions related to HR and Employee Benefits but needed additional flexible resources to meet market demand. They needed to find those resources, cross- train on various operational processes, and create an on-demand resourcing solution to support continued growth and business continuity.


Google “most valuable asset in an organization” and the majority of the 65.1 million resulting links will tell you the same thing: it’s your people. Knowing this, the three founders of EIO Solutions realized small businesses were spending far too much time and money micromanaging employee costs, without getting the full value from their investments.

Once a bricks & mortar company, EIO Solutions became a fully remote team in the winter of 2019. Around the same time, they were hiring for a new EIO Benefits Expert to join their team. After six months of searching the Greater Toronto Area for someone with the skills, background and personality required, the team decided to try something new. The business was growing and they couldn’t wait any longer to hire someone so they reached out to Virtual Gurus to bring on a virtual assistant to fill the role.

It’s a fully flexible solution that gives us full control of our operational overhead, regardless of if we’re in an up or a downswing. - Christie Reid, Chief Strategy Officer


Virtual Gurus has built a Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) marketplace that matches businesses with on-demand, remote North American virtual assistants (VAs).

For EIO Solutions, this has made it possible for them to increase their internal capacity to support their growth and provides them with peace of mind that they’re ready for whatever comes their way.

Businesses are able to change their level of service, and even the service offerings, as their needs change, providing complete staffing flexibility to meet the current business needs Virtual Gurus also provides training for additional resources needed to accommodate increased client needs.


Virtual Gurus matched EIO with their first VA who was able to get up to speed quickly as an EIO Expert. They saw the value within the first three weeks and decided to stop their search for a full-time team member. As a result, they were able to meet expectations and continue to grow and seize new opportunities.

When EIO Solutions realized the successes, they looked around the organization for other areas that could benefit from adding a VA, which led them to add bench strength to their finance team. An unexpected bonus of working with a remote team came when training the VAs on their internal processes. They were able to identify some areas where they could streamline processes and gave them the opportunity to be intentional about what they do and how they do it.

The biggest impact was achieving peace of mind that the EIO Solutions team can grow and scale, provide their clients with the desired outcome without the ownership of the resources.

The flexibility Virtual Gurus offers is super valuable and you make it really easy for us to plan to support future demands. I really feel like you guys are a trusted partner of ours. You’ve become an important part of our growth strategy. - Christie Reid, Chief Strategy Officer

Wrapping up

Whether you need an admin assistant for the long-haul or a designer for a single project, Virtual Gurus has trained and experienced virtual assistants to support your business as it grows.

Virtual Gurus is known for finding, hiring and training the top skilled and qualified Virtual Assistants in Canada and the United States. They have done the heavy lifting for you by developing a state-of-the-art marketplace to find your perfect match. Once matched, you can start delegating while the Virtual Gurus team keeps you organized and on track with their project management system.

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