Martin Bamford spent 20 years in financial planning. In that field, trust is everything; potential clients were placing their hopes for the future into Martin’s hands. 

On the strength of Martin’s experience, other financial planners sought him out for advice on building credibility and getting clients, particularly through content marketing.

That’s how Bamford Media began.

Martin was well-acquainted with blogging, podcasting, and social media. But to leverage his expertise into a new business, Martin needed a game-changer. After years earning consumer trust, Martin had a whole new audience of fellow professionals to win over.

Webinars were the answer.

Martin already had experience. But to become a thought leader, and earn the authority to push innovative approaches, he needed a way to connect more intimately — without sacrificing scale. 

WebinarNinja opened a whole new marketing channel, without the hassles that usually come with new tech. As Martin puts it:

Omar Zenhom, CEO at The Remote Work Summit 2020

It was so simple to get up and running with WebinarNinja. From scheduling a webinar to building a very effective landing page, and then uploading resources and going live, I love the simplicity and reliability of the platform.

Since joining WebinarNinja, Martin estimates that each of his webinars results in 4 to 6 new qualified prospects, for an approximate 50% increase in new business overall in the last 12 months.

Hosting a monthly webinar has been invaluable in bringing us a steady flow of enquiries, sometimes too many!

From a single individual with experience, passion, and expertise, Bamford Media has grown into a 7-person agency working with dozens of clients