The Remote Work Summit 2020

Aaron Cort – Clickup

Interview 3

Building a "Mission Control" Center for Remote Teams

Aaron Cort

Director of Marketing

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About Speaker : Aaron Cort is the Director of Marketing at ClickUp — is an all-in-one productivity application for remote teams. It’s one of the fastest-growing productivity platforms with 1,000,000+ users and 100,000+ teams from companies like Google, Nike, Airbnb and Netflix. Aaron's personally worked with 50+ early-stage through enterprise companies to help achieve marketing growth goals.


ClickUp – One App Vs Multiple Apps

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Interview Highlights:

  • [Using ClickUp] Impact on productivity as an individual and as a team
  • Defining “Mission Control”
  • [4 key touchpoints] Building mission control centre for remote remote teams
  • [Tips] How ClickUp manages productivity

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