The Remote Work Summit 2020

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

Interview 19

[1962 AD] Building a Home-Work Organization

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

Remote Working Pioneer

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About Speaker : DAME STEPHANIE SHIRLEY CH is a workplace revolutionary and successful IT entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist. In 1962, she founded an all-woman software company that pioneered remote working, upending the expectations of the time. It was ultimately valued at $3 billion and made 70 of her staff millionaires. Since ‘retiring’, her focus has been on philanthropy, especially autism and IT. Her 2015 TED Talk was to a standing ovation from the world’s most recognised entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators and doers: it’s had over 2 million views. Dame Stephanie’s memoir ‘Let It Go’ is being made into a film directed by BAFTA-winning Damian Jones.

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Interview Highlights:

  • [Reasons] Remote Work is not a mainstream culture even after 50 years
  • Challenges in Embracing Remote Work
  • Advice to organizations that are going remote
  • Credibility issues: Traditional offices vs Remote Work Environment

Disclaimer: This interview was recorded before the massive spread of COVID-19.

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