The Remote Work Summit 2020

Dr. LeeAnn Renninger – LifeLabs Learning

Interview 4

[GoPRO] Virtual Meeting Skills

Dr. LeeAnn Renninger
Co-founder & Co-CEO

Life Lab Learning

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About Speaker : Dr. LeeAnn Renninger is the Co-founder & Co-CEO @ LifeLabs Learning. LeeAnn has a PhD in cognitive psychology with a specialization in idea transfer, rapid skill acquisition, and leadership development. She is a researcher, Columbia Business School professor, and co-author of the book Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable & Engineer the Unexpected.
About LifeLabs Learning:
LifeLabs Learning trains managers, execs, and teams at 600+ of the world's coolest companies (like Reddit, TED, Etsy, Facebook, Dropbox, Lyft, and Tinder). They offer short, science-based workshops to help employees master life's most useful skills (like feedback, communication, leadership, managing up, behaviors of inclusion, and working remotely). 

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Interview Highlights:

  • [Best Practices] Virtual Meeting Skills
  • Agenda as an important asset in virtual meetings
  • [Process] Set up requirements for team meetings
  • [4 P Opener] Purpose, Product, Personal Benefit, Process

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