The Remote Work Summit 2020

Dr Steve Day – Systems and Outsourcing

Interview 18

Why Most Startups Fail and What You Can Do About It!

Dr Steve Day


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About Speaker : Steve has been starting businesses since he was nine years old and achieved financial security through property investing by the age of 26.
He spent eight years working as a hospital doctor before taking early retirement from medicine in 2016.
He now spends his time helping micro-business owners to leverage both systems and outsourcing to create genuine passive streams of income. He lives in Stockholm from where he manages his UK based companies with help from his team of remote workers from around the world.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Building an affordable team without getting burnout
  • [3 touchpoints] Living in remarkable times
  • Challenges with outsourcing
  • [DIDACT] Acronym for tasks management

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