The Remote Work Summit 2020

George Siosi Samuels – Draper Startup House

Interview 21

Breaking Through 10k+ Views For A Virtual Conference in Less Than 2 Weeks With A Global Remote Team

George Siosi Samuels
Head of Marketing & Community

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About Speaker : Head of Marketing & Community at Draper Startup House, George Siosi Samuels, shares remote working lessons learned from hosting their first virtual conference during a global pandemic and recession. He also discusses how Draper Startup House has managed to keep working productively while remote, including tips, tools, and hacks.

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Interview Highlights:

  • [COVID-19 Pandemic] The underlying opportunities in the remote work environment
  • Remote work tools at Draper House
  • [Results, Failures & Successes] Breakthrough Event by Draper Startup House
  • Key takeaways for remote workers

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