The Remote Work Summit 2020

Hassan Osman – Cisco

Interview 5

Managing & Leading Virtual Teams

Hassan Osman

Hassan Osman
PMO Director & Author

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About Speaker : Hassan Osman is a Program Management Office (PMO) Director at Cisco Systems* where he leads global virtual teams on delivering large and complex programs.
He is the author of several Amazon Bestselling books, including “Influencing Virtual Teams” and “Don’t Reply All.”
Before joining Cisco, Hassan was a manager at EY, where he analyzed failing programs at Fortune 100 companies and recommended strategic plans to fix them.
He is a certified PMP, CSM, and ITIL, and blogs about managing remote teams on
*Views are his own and not those of Cisco

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Interview Highlights:

  • Components/Practices for communicating in a Remote Team.
  • Assigning tasks, responsibilities and on-boarding employees in a Virtual Team.
  • Components of Productivity in a Virtual Environment + the secret formula
  • Framework for running a successful Virtual Meeting.

Disclaimer: This interview was recorded before the massive spread of COVID-19.

Interview's Best Clip:

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