The Remote Work Summit 2020

Lisa Taylor – Challenge Factory

Interview 11

[Employment] Future of Work Conversations

Lisa Taylor


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About Speaker : Challenge Factory is a research and analytics based organization that tracks critical drivers shaping the Future of Work. We help organizations and leaders supercharge their talent, careers, and workforce ecosystems so that they thrive in today’s rapidly changing world of work.
As Founder and President of Challenge Factory, Lisa Taylor is a trailblazer and author intent on challenging outdated career thinking. Focused on decoding the Future of Work, Lisa offers strategic and actionable solutions to create opportunities for growth – both personal and organizational. Her expertise is widely recognized in the Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, CBC, TVO, and other major outlets.

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Interview Highlights:

  • [Guide] National Conversation on the future of work
  • Five Drivers shaping the future of work
  • Remote Work and the elimination of existing inherent biases at work
  • Difference between strategic remote work and emergency remote work

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