The Remote Work Summit 2020

Margaret Glover-Campbell – The Virtual Gurus

Interview 5

Scaling Remote Teams with Virtual Assistants

Margaret Glover-Campbell
Chief Operating Officer

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About Speaker : Margaret’s career began in advertising and design, building campaigns and brands for her clients. She was drawn to her tech clients, specifically tech startups, who were defining and building new industries. She eventually made the move client-side to be more hands-on in the building.
Since then, Margaret has worked primarily in startup and scale-up environments, always being drawn back to the excitement of starting something new, creating and building products and industries that are on the brink of breaking into modern lives.
She is passionate about women’s issues and serves as board chair for Chic Geek, a non-profit organization empowering women to succeed in the tech sector. As COO for Virtual Gurus her mission is to create meaningful remote employment for marginalized individuals.

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[Virtual Gurus] How EIO Solutions got Flexible Resources to Meet Market Demand

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Interview Highlights:

  • [COVID-19] Scaling remote teams and companies
  • [Trends] Changing landscape of Virtual assistants in remote work
  • [Skills] Hiring a virtual assistant
  • [Case Studies] Virtual assistants changing the game

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