The Remote Work Summit 2020

Molood Ceccarelli – Remote Forever

Interview 19

Being Agile While Working Remotely

Molood Ceccarelli
CEO of Remote Forever

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About Speaker : She is particularly interested in coaching and teaching distributed organizations and teams. She has experience in coaching managers, leaders and agile development teams in both collocated and remote teams to contribute to creating great products. She is interested in teaching and coaching the concepts and practices of lean and agile, team dynamics, leadership, how to create high performing teams, introducing alternative metrics, motivating employees, self-leadership, and many more self-development and team-improvement subjects.

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Interview Highlights:

  • The idea of co-location as a prerequisite to agility
  • [Survey and Statistics] Benefits of remote working for employers and employees
  • Manifesto for agile software development
  • Top challenges of being agile remotely and overcoming them

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