The Remote Work Summit 2020

Nora Dunn – Professional Hobo

Interview 20

[Freelancers] Location Independent Lifestyle

Nora Dunn

Writer, Host, Speaker, Storyteller - Full-time Travel and Personal Finance Guru

Professional Hobo

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About Speaker : Nora Dunn, founder of The Professional Hobo Bio: In 2006, Nora Dunn sold everything she owned (including a busy financial planning practice) to embrace her lifelong dreams of long-term immersive world travel. She traveled full-time for 12 years before setting up a home base in Canada from which she continues to travel for half of each year. On her website, Nora teaches people how to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way, in addition to sharing her travel adventures, mis-adventures, and cultural insights.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Travelling and Working in an immersive manner.
  • Challenges faced by digital nomads pertaining to discipline and motivation.
  • Taking a critical look at your finances & lifestyle.
  • Possible Categories of Jobs/Careers for Digital Nomads.

Disclaimer: This interview was recorded before the massive spread of COVID-19.

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