The Remote Work Summit 2020

Rowena Hennigan – RoRemote

Interview 12

Barriers: Emergency WFH During COVID-19

Rowena Hennigan

Rowena Hennigan
Lecturer in Remote Work TU Dublin

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About Speaker : Rowena is a Lecturer for TU Dublin and co-author and co-founded of the Future of Work (Remote Skills) L8 module at the university. She is passionate about Remote Skills Education and Best Practice, having worked remotely herself since 200. She also works as a Project Consultant on various international project. More here:

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Interview Highlights:

  • [COVID-19] Adjusting Expectations to come out of shock
  • Transitioning to Remote Work - One stage at a time
  • Scheduling time and fostering clear communication
  • Productivity approaches and routine hacks

Interview's Best Clip:

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