The Remote Work Summit 2020

Tricia Sciortino – Belay

Interview 13

[6 Tips] Maximise Productivity While Working Remotely

Tricia Sciortino


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About Speaker : Tricia Sciortino is the CEO of BELAY, a company whose mission is providing staffing solutions that equip their clients with the confidence to climb higher. As CEO of BELAY, she lives and breathes in the day-to-day operations of the business including sales, marketing, IT, talent acquisition, client relations and contractor care. She joined BELAY at start-up and thrives on process creation, oversight, and developing a growing team to live it out. She's an advocate for workplace flexibility, company culture and matchmaking virtual specialists with clients.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Importance of productivity in remote environment
  • Hosting a virtual meeting
  • [Challenges & Solutions] Communication and trust in a remote team
  • “The Three Bigs” culture at Belay

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