The Remote Work Summit 2020

RWS 2020 Day 1



The Remote Work Summit 2020 - Day 1


Christine Trodella – Workplace From Facebook

The Future of Work  
 The future of work is going to be about breaking down barriers – geographic, departmental, linguistic and more. This means we need technology that can connect everyone, wherever they are and however they work.

Because so many large enterprises around the world use Workplace and in her role as Head of Americas, Christine can also speak, anecdotally, about the real and transformative value that investing in communication and collaboration can bring to companies.

Hassan Osman – Cisco

"Remote work is the future because it's a win for employees, a win for employers, and a win for the environment."

Ted Goas – StackOverflow

At Stack Overflow, if one person’s remote, everyone’s remote.