The Remote Work Summit 2020

RWS 2020 Day 2



The Remote Work Summit 2020 - Day 2


Kieran Flanagan – HubSpot

Remote work isn't just something that makes your employees happy; it's a competitive advantage that will help you outgrow competitors. And in today's world, there aren't many of those competitive advantages left!

Lisa Taylor – Challenge Factory

“The five drivers shaping the Future of Work provide a way to better understand the impact and opportunities of remote work. It reminds us to focus on both the human and technological possibilities.”

Daniel Gross –

“Remote can replace the majority of real-world interaction. But there’s less inertia. So you can build real rapport and real relationships through a group video chat on the internet, but it will require much more thinking and effort around it than if you were just meeting up in the real world. Being remote is slightly more like swimming upstream, it’s a slightly more viscous environment to bond in, but it is totally doable.”

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

“Get paid for what you achieve, not for your mere presence.”

Nora Dunn – Professional Hobo

Financially sustainable travel is the art of earning money remotely, spending it wisely, and balancing the two so you can travel indefinitely.