Interview by Fred Perrotta from Tortuga Backpacks

CEO’ Guide to Remote Work

Fred Perrotta 

Founder & CEO,
Tortuga Backpacks




  • Remote work at a  bootstrapped startup
  • Remote companies hire for impact, not for potential
  • The learning curve of remote work
  • How much freedom is too much in a remote company


Fred Perotta is an entrepreneur, traveler and remote work evangelist who has worked at Google in the past.

Fred, on a backpacking trip to Europe, learned why most luggage is terrible for city travel. Suitcases don’t work on cobblestone streets or narrow apartment steps. Most backpacks are poorly designed for travel, too.

His co-founder's bag ripped on the first day their trip and his was a dis-organised mess. They talked a lot about their dream luggage while they traveled. When they got back to the States, they decided to fix the problem. They couldn’t find the perfect luggage for city travel, so made it. Tortuga is now a remote team designing & manufacturing luggage for city travel to help travelers live on their terms.