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Not willing to leave your bed to get ready for work in the cold winter mornings? Or are you bored of sitting in the cubicles under those fluorescent lights? Well, obviously. None of us would willingly drive to work at certain sluggish moments. And might feel like giving up the 9-to-5 job and avoid the grizzly bear bosses of corporate life. It is important "to find joy in work to discover the fountain of exposure." Well, working remotely can help you get rid of the blandness of your work schedule.

Remote Work culture is almost similar to that of a Freelancer. Oh, wait! Who are freelancers? Well, freelancing is a profession when independence, autonomy, flexibility, and unlimited financial potential collaborate. In simple terms, freelancers work for themselves, rather than for a company and are ultimately self-employed. 

Freelancers could be partially considered as Remote Workers for they have no designated office workspace and work from wherever they are in the world. And if you're working as a freelancer, then you must be knowing how it feels working independently and as per your flexibility. 


Here we take it from these 5 Freelancers to have shared a little bit about how they have managed to earn a handsome amount every month without compromising their personal time.


Ekanki Vishnoi

Freelance Social Media Manager/ Marketer & SEO Content Writer

Belonging to Pune, Ekanki has proved the perfect definition of versatility. As she works as a Freelance Social Media Manager and Marketer also works as an SEO Content Writer. Not only this, but she also manages and is a Publisher at Cakes E-Magazine and manages a lifestyle blog.

She has worked for Reliance and Travel XP on a full-time payroll for over ten years has been working as a freelancer for almost eight years. Not just restricting to this, she also works remotely as a Virtual Assistant for some of the clients based in the UK, Australia, and India.

On being asked about why did she choose to work remotely as a freelancer, she answered:

There are unlimited perks of working remotely, for instance, you can give time to your family, you can manage your Work and balance your life easily. A lot many things become hassle-free when you're working remotely and streamlining things get easier. You can give extra time to yourself, and in case you love traveling, then its a biggest advantage as while traveling, you can work remotely.

Ekanki thinks that women have the power to adjust to whatever situation or circumstances women are in happily. Remote Work culture makes her more liberal. She enjoys her freedom while working and balancing her work and personal life, and she's quite happy doing that. 

I wish her good luck for her future endeavors and hope she outshines like this always!

Graphic Designer

Arbaz Asif

Freelancer Graphic Designer

Arbaz is another young Freelancer who is at the exploration stage of his career. He works as a Graphic Designer and has been into this field for more than a year. Not only this, but he also works as a Remote Graphic Designer for various Remote Companies in the USA and UK. Since he recently commenced working remotely, he's aspiring to get totally into it and manage to earn a handsome amount.

If given a chance to work with a renowned Remote Company, he will definitely choose to work with one without a single doubt. On being asked about why would he continue to work remotely, he exclaimed,

The biggest advantage that remote working provides me is that I am a student, and I cannot work from 9-to-5. But Remote Work allows me to work without going to a designated workplace and earn a good amount of part-time income around $500-$1000 every month. I am quite happy working remotely.

Well, Arbaz is pretty happy working remotely and chose to build a remote career. We wish him all the very best for his future goals and hope he achieves all of them!

Content Writer

Vaishali Jain

Freelance Content Writer (International Profile Writer)

Vaishali is another example of an all-rounder personality. She is a Freelance Content Writer, who has completed almost five years of her freelancing journey till now. She is an International Profile Writer as she has been into Resume Writing for all this while. Besides being an experienced C-level Executive Resume Writer, she is the founder of She is an expert in Custom Made Resume, LinkedIn Profile Development, Cover Letter, and Resumes for International Markets.

Vaishali has authored more than 2000 resumes, LinkedIn Profiles & letters for professionals, and helped them increase interview calls, job selections, and offers from their dream companies. She said, "Remote Work is a very vast concept which holds a policy of Work from home or anywhere else in the world with flexible hours. It is about having a team at different cities - which we call remote teams." and for her, it would be a great opportunity to work remotely if given a chance and as she is already seeking to start working remotely.

Working as a freelancer has given her freedom and earns around $1000 monthly while striking a balance between her work and lifestyle. She is more than happy to choose freelance Content Writer as her career as she has found immense growth in her profession.

Well, Vaishali is already on her way to the kingdom of success, and I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors!

Humna Tanveer

Freelance Content Writer​​​​

I have a lot of Content Writers on my list, and here we have another one - Humna Tanveer. She has been working as a freelance Content Writer for two years and loves her profession as she told that, "Well.. I love researching different things and exploring more and used to write something about those things. So, one of my teachers gave me this idea that I should officially start writing and make it my profession, and now I feel happy about choosing to work in this field."

Humna hasn't started working remotely yet, but she aims to do so and finds it as a fantastic opportunity and is at the lookout for some astounding Remote Work opportunities. She said, 

It's something that allows working from anywhere in the world and you don't need to work at a specific place or a designated desk. It allows you to live your freedom and enjoy the remote culture.

Without compromising her personal space and enjoyment and working part-time, Humna is managing to earn somewhere around $500 per month, which sounds cool.

Anyway, Humna is pretty happy about working as a freelancer, and I hope she achieves all the success in her life ahead!

Anees Umar

Freelance Creative Content Writer

Since I was talking about how long our list of content writers are, here we have another one. Anees Umar, who is following his passion as he works as a Freelance Creative Content Writer. He has been working in the writing domain for more than a year. 

As per him, Freelancers are likely to work remotely as they don't have an obligation to work at a designated desk and work from wherever they are. He's been too much into this field and has the capabilities to manage to earn up to $1500 working remotely as a Freelance Content Writer. 

 On being about his views on the Remote Work concept, Anees exclaimed,

I think it will be quite amazing for me as I will get a lot of exposure by working remotely. 

He chose to work as a freelancer because sitting at one designated workspace is not his cup of tea as meeting different people and getting new projects at new places is more of a fun thing for him. Well, to find exposure and a good lifestyle, Anees is on the right track. I wish Anees all the very best, and I deem him to accomplish his future ambitions!

Vaishali Delawala

Freelance Digital Marketer 

Vaishali Delawala is freelance digital marketing expert who has 5+ years of experience in search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, blogging, email marketing, video marketing, web audit, business analysis, lead generation, etc.

She is working with some leading businesses to manage thier online reputation and improve revenues using his data-driven strategies. Her core expertise is easily understand customer psychology and behavioral science through web analysis.

Vaishali Delawala is also founder of UPLARN and The Run Time. She is very happy by selecting her career as freelancer and blogger as she is earing around $2000 per month.

Work Remotely

Work Remotely as Freelancer

What is your story?

Well, all these freelancers are walking on the right path towards building a Remote career. And, these were their reasons to work as a freelancer. What is yours? Please don't wait, check out our Ultimate Guide to Remote Work where you'll get to know about the essential tools, strategies, and opportunities related to Remote Work. Also, you can learn about the Remote Work concept from 14+ Industry Experts by joining one of the largest online summits.

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