Every day you spend hours commuting, and after a long hectic workday, you don't get your' me time' as the moment becomes too torpid even to enjoy that me time. Well, Remote Work has given that leverage to all remote workers of working with the flexibility of time and location independence. You can actually save much time that you spent travelling from your home to the office and vice versa.

Remote work has emerged as the new generation of corporate affairs as many big companies have transposed their established companies into a remote one and many budding startups are being established remotely promoting remote work culture.

The Head of Publications of Toptal, Steph Smith, shares the insights of the company's remote operations which will make you learn about the essentials of working in a remote environment so that you can kick-start your remote career ahead.

1. Incorporating Remote Culture And Team Building

When most people think of the benefits of remote work, they tend to equate them with the employees, not the employers. Working remotely doesn't provide benefits to you as an employee but also as an employer as you get a happier remote workforce which in return means you get higher productivity from them.

Team building activities and building personal relationships is a great way to go about it. As a team leader, if you are unable to build a personal connection, developing culture can get very challenging. In my team, we have a zoom call every Wednesday where the entire team has lunch together. It helps us get to know each other personally and develop trustworthy personal relationships.

2. Managing Remote Teams In Varied Time Zones

Since everyone in a remote team works from different time zones, it becomes quite a challenge to manage teams in varied time zones. Here we get from Steph Smith, who believes that -

"You need to build processes where you are not draining the team members by giving them crazy work hours. Let your team set their own working hours and find overlapping time zones for meetings and discussions. Be mindful of the time zone that team members are in, and if you have a tight deadline, don't wait for the last day to ping your team members."

3. Engaging Team Members And Fighting Isolation

Working remotely might sound cool, but sometimes it makes you feel alone and disconnected from your remote team, which can result in lower productivity and creates a sense of dissatisfaction in employee's and employer's mind.

Here plays the role of Team Engagement, which helps your employees to stay connected with the team and keep refreshing their mind with various online fun interactive games.

Besides this, defining the 'why' behind a team is essential for remote teams. This can easily be achieved in traditional offices but is challenging in the virtual world. Clearly communicate business goals and KPIs with your teams so that when they are working, they know what they have to achieve. Maintaining transparency is another way of engaging remote team members.

4. Motivating Remote Team Members

Behind every successful business is a happier and motivated employee. Often team members are demotivated when they do not understand their goals or don't understand how to achieve them. Setting clear guidelines for all team members is an efficient way of overcoming this challenge and motivating them.

Moreover, when you get high numbers from your employees, you must appreciate their work and motivate them for future goals and accomplishments.

Well, this was all about Toptal's remote work culture. I hope you get some valuable key points from this exclusive interview and start working remotely in your current remote organization.

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Wrapping Up

Since we are reaching closer to the nearest milestone of Remote Work, we need to get the complete insights of the remote work environment not just as an organization but also as employees seeking flexible opportunities. To get the comprehensive knowledge of remote work, join The Remote Work Summit that covers the entire spectrum of discussion on Remote Work and become an expert today. Also, get to know Microsoft's flexible work culture.

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