Interview by Hillary Heinz from Skillcrush

Inside Stories and Culture of a Remote Company

Hillary Heinz

(Ex) Head of Sales & Nature, Skillcrush



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  • Quitting the 9-5 and moving towards remote career
  • Collaboration & communication tools
  • Building trust & culture in a distributed team
  • Setting up a home office to improve work-life balance
  • Personal productivity hacks of a remote worker


Recently she put her life on lean when she quit 9-to-5 lifestyle to start her nomadic, remote career. She is a designer, digital marketer and creator. On an adventure, currently living with big lake views in Duluth, Minnesota. Excellent at data-driven marketing, user research/testing and working with startups and remote teams. Also a HubSpot marketing automation expert and love to help train or set-up new teams and accounts. Her last role was of Head of Sales & Nurture at Skillcrush.