Over 3 Months and still no cure! Yes, it’s scary. The world operations are seen to be slowing down with each passing day due to the COVID-19 crisis. Amidst that most of the working population of the entire world are encouraged to “Work from Home”.

But what about hiring?

Why are the HRs not hiring remotely from their home?

Of course, hiring remotely isn’t a piece of cake. But it’s absolutely possible. It should be noted that hiring a great virtual worker is not like hiring an in-office superstar. 

Remote work sure allows various benefits to the employer. But hiring the wrong employees can negatively impact your business. 

To efficiently hire employees amidst the coronavirus crisis, you need to design (or perhaps redesign) your hiring process. 

You need a system that fits well in the virtual environment and allows you to naturally attract the best talent globally. And here's how you can do it!

The Virtual Presence

You test each employee before making them a part of your team. Similarly, any employee seeking a job would evaluate your organization before they apply for the job. 

It is important for your brand to have a strong online image. It makes the potential candidates believe that the organization offers growth and security. Actively push out job listings and new content on social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn, are the best platforms to engage with the audience. Also, social media is also a great way to find references and reach out to a broader group.


Amidst the Pandemic COVID-19

Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

Job seekers constantly browse through job boards to secure a job. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the same. 

But when organizations hire, they usually prefer global boards like Indeed or Monster for posting job listings. These platforms sure are effective but not so much for remote jobs. 

Consider advertising your open jobs on job boards and social networks specific to remote work. And given the recent rise in remote work, are been many platforms available to you now - 

Social networks

  • Work From (Slack)
  • Nomad List (Slack)
  • Digital Nomad Jobs (Facebook)
  • Remote & Travel Jobs (Facebook)

Job boards

  • FlexJobs 
  • We work remotely 
  • Working Nomads 
  • RemoteOK

Referrals can do Wonders

A great way to reach out to more candidates is through your own team. In fact, we’ve had some of our best employees through team referrals.

Describe the skills you’re looking for and specify  the location boundaries. Ensure that your employees understand the job description to bring in the right candidates.

And just like your employees can refer candidates to you, they can also refer your company to their network and serve as advocates for your employer brand – particularly those who already work remotely. They can share the first-hand experience of what it feels like being part of a distributed team and, this way, bring in more applicants.


Corona Virus Outbreak: Work Remotely from Home

Efficiently Hire Remote Employees

Some employees thrive on the flexibility and independence that work-from-home jobs offer. While others, not so much. Because everyone is not built to work in a virtual environment

You might be fortunate enough to find the right employees for your virtual team so far. But in order to continue to do so, it is imperative to know what qualities your people should embody and what talents play well in the virtual setting.

Besides evaluating the candidate on the skills required to get the job done, one also needs to assess their ability to work virtually and collaborate with the team.

Excellent communication skills - Every team member in your organization should not only have great communication skills but also possess the ability to adapt to other’s communication style. This ensures smooth collaboration within the team while achieving the objectives and goals set for the individual team member.

Natural problem solver - Your team might not always have the time to solve minor problems that can otherwise be easily dealt with. Which is why a virtual environment requires an employee to be able to solve problems on their own (without involving the entire team). An employee who can solve any problem that comes in the way is not only a self-starter but enhances the productivity of the entire team. 

Cultural fit - For a remote organization, it is important that any new hire fit right into their cultural values. It is important to know the employee personally to understand if they will get along with the other employees, which is essential for enhancing collaboration. 

Over to you

We’ve built a huge virtual team in a short time span. And the above-mentioned things have always helped us find the best people to join our team.

But what comes next? Do you know how to help the employees in transitioning from a traditional office setting to working from home? Read more here.

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