Interview by Mark Gilbreath from LiquidSpace

The Remote Work Revolution -
Industry Trends and Insights

Mark Gilbreath

CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace



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  • Future of work is already here
  • The state of remote work and industry trends
  • Manager time vs personal productivity time in a remote culture
  • Flex portfolio strategy and the remote work revolution


Mark's an experienced serial entrepreneur, and one of the leading voices in the sharing economy technology landscape. He believes sustainability is a mandate in not only the products we use, but how we interact and work together. He is a software industry veteran with 25+ years of experience at previous companies including Wyle, Altera, Toolwire and Venga Ventures.

Mark is the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, which is a flexible office space network and transaction platform. The company's goal: more happy people working in fewer buildings. The planet smiles.