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Digital Nomads - the word ‘Nomad’ describes the accurate meaning of the whole term. Well, we all know that digital nomads are never bound to their homes and keep travelling across the globe. They are pro at making a full-time living! They just require a laptop, a peaceful room with a captivating view, and a secure Wi-Fi connection to convert their dreams into a reality.

Digital Nomads’ FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Being a digital nomad might be a dream for many, but have you ever wondered that they may get a FOMO vibe sometimes? As a digital nomad, you have to adapt yourselves in dynamic surroundings, which might lead you to procrastinate your personal plans. For instance, catching up with an old mate, planning a get together with your family, or planning to organize a house party. 

Digital Nomad and Remote Work

To link up the differences, you need to align the processes of your work. Working remotely can surely aid you with the same. We have curated some amazing anecdotes from a few digital nomads out there. Give it a read:

Digital Nomad

Randy Erickson

Digital Nomad

From city-to-city and coast-to-coast, Randy commenced his journey a long time ago. For him, a Remote Worker would be a worker who has formal residency somewhere apparently. He doesn’t have an official residence but an informal one. So, he considers himself a bit distinct from other digital nomads. He’s still on the lookout for ways to go to new places and move around while working digitally.

The boredom of his usual work-life incepted his desire to live a nomadic life. Randy believes that being a digital nomad is not hard. The hardest parts are taxes and finding the right place to live that meets your working needs. He never faced any struggle to set boundaries with his family. He told us that his family is independent and envious of him. So, there isn't any pressure from his family’s end. 

On being asked about how he ensured his income stability, he answered,

Income stability is not a problem for me because I have an established reputation with my clients. I also do not own anything, so I do not have any major liabilities to worry about.

All he needs is a computer that can run tools like Revit and AutoCAD without any glitch. 

A message from him for all the aspiring Digital Nomads out there - “Taxes are a pain in the butt. Read the tax treaties and seek help from professionals. Consider incorporating if you can afford it. Research the different countries available for incorporation and ask around in social media for ideas to research.”

Digital Nomad working remotely

Mátyás Sziráczki

CEO - Gold Lion Holding

From Kazincbarcika, Hungary, Mátyás works as a Business advisor and travels a lot. He commenced his career in the field of sales. He worked in Suzuki, Vauxhall showroom and sold new cars in the year 2007. And fortunately, he ended up becoming the Head of the showroom next year. But the very same year, financial crisis hit the Hungarian automotive industry hard. And it lead him to commence working in Finance in the year 2009.

Since then, he embarked on travelling around the world and learned various languages. In the year 2014, he arrived in Malta, where he discovered his excitement about the local property market. Chasing his passion for dealing with people, Mátyás chose to excel in that sphere, which he did, of course! Now he’s the CEO of the recently opened Gold Lion Holding. 

Working with such an immense amount of dedication and passion, Mátyás is now following his dream to travel the world. For him, working as a financer digital nomad is a new experience, and he absolutely loves it. And for all the aspiring digital nomads, he says:

Never step back in chasing your passion and dreams. It always takes you the courage and will to achieve something, If’ you’ve got it in you, then you’re on your way to accomplishing many big things in life!

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Karina Flores

Digital Nomad

Cheers to the new-fangled beginnings of Karina's nomadic life, which she began a few months ago! She chose to become a digital nomad because she is an advent traveller. She is very passionate about her work and thinks that being a digital nomad is the best option.

Karina differentiates between being a remote worker and a digital nomad. It's totally based on the schedule. While you’re working remotely, you must be available in an indicated schedule, so it prohibits you from living in different time zones, whereas a digital nomad doesn’t require such plan. 

On being asked about why she chose to become a Digital Nomad, she said, “Cause of the freedom to travel and all that its involved: meet people, new cultures, being my own boss.” For the challenges that she faces being a Digital Nomad, she said, “It is complicated by the issue of income needed, to continue travelling.”

To attain financial stability, she is still on the lookout for enough clients to allow her to pay for flights, lodging and a little more to save. She uses Google Tools (Drive, Calendar, etc.) Skype for communication, Hootsuite and Zoom for calling. 

For all the aspiring Digital Nomads out there, she said,

I advise you that the less they think about it, the faster it happens, that when we find ourselves in a certain situation, our human instinct will manage to get ahead.

I wish Karina all the very best for her new journey and hope she achieves a lot in her life!

Art Nomad

Maria Guerrero

Art Nomad

“Yes, I believe there's a difference. I consider myself an Art Nomad. You can be anything nomad which means you take yourself, your passions with you wherever you go, and turn every place into your home because you are free to do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Remote Workers, I feel it still goes in the category of non-freedom, or how I used to feel in my corporate job, slavery.


You have to work in a specific time, and do specific jobs or projects. Yes, as a remote worker you can travel as you please, but you are not making money dning what you love, whenever you want.” Maria exclaimed when asked about the difference between digital nomads and remote workers. 

From Marina del Rey, California, Maria has been working as a digital nomad or instead I’d like to call her an art nomad. She chose to be a digital nomad because she wanted TRUE FREEDOM. Supporting YOLO (You Only Live Once), she wants to make the absolute best of her life by doing what she loves, whenever and whatever she wants. The last time she felt this free and happy was when she was a child. Most people think that when you turn 18, you are supposed to work to pay rent and have a family, but you are free to do as you like. She believes that we are in this world to be happy and explore ourselves and the world around us is magical.

For her being a digital or art nomad is not that challenging. "Yes you are always at an unknown place, you don't know when the clients will show up and how much they will pay, but you know they will show up, and they will pay enough for you to continue living your freedom. Apparently, she believes that energy attracts like, feel good, and everything will work out for you".

I wanted to know if she struggles to set boundaries with her family and closed ones whenever she is away. But for her, it is as easy as pie as she knows exactly what she wants and doesn't live up to anyone's expectations anymore. She is free in its totality, and that includes her family, friends and anyone in her life. She is always in touch with her family and friends, but life for her, is more about discovering the magical wonders of this earth and meeting new people that resonate with your current energy. 

On being asked about how she managed her income stability, Maria justified the statement - “I have income by just doing what I love and by what makes me happy, which are a lot of things. I draw tiny homes for clients, I also do art and sell it and lastly I harmonize homes by changing the energy of the home to something healthy, peaceful and loving. I'm all about health, happiness and freedom and I want others to experience the same, so I share it through my skills, talents and knowledge, and fortunately, I get paid while doing this.”

She believes that staying positive about yourself, believing that no one has the skills, talents and perspective of life like you is the way to ensure income stability. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, do it full-heartedly, and you will attract those that connect with your services and work, and they will help you. 

Since Maria works as an architect, she uses architecture programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit and Photoshop. She also does a lot of hand drawing home designs for clients. So paper and pencil are always the best tools for her. 

Maria’s got a piece of great advice for all the aspiring Digital Nomads out there -

I would like to say to all aspiring digital nomads, that anything is possible if you have the desire for it. There is never a "right time" to be a digital nomad, you just do it or not, there will always be more people to see, more money to earn and more time to prepare, but it is never enough, trust me I was there. The moment I decided to be a digital nomad was the time I had the least money, but I had to most desire, and everything has worked out magically is the best way I can describe it. When you do what you love, the universe will only aspire to help you.

It looks like Maria is living her Nomadic life to the fullest. I deem her to achieve more in life and wish her all the very best for her future ahead!

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

What is your story?

Well, this is how these digital nomads are enjoying their freedom by staying aligned with their work while working remotely. How about you? You can now get to know the insights of the Remote Work concept by attending this amazing online summit! 

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