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Not going to the office and working from your own workspace (wherever you feel like working from) might be a dream job for many. But let me tell you that this dream job is no more just a dream now! You can actually transpose from working in cubicles to working remotely. Remote Work grants you the leverage to work from anywhere in the world without hampering your personal space and time. 

Not just thriving the flexibility of location independence, Remote Work also gives you the power to explore more. Therefore, you can say that Remote Work is an inception of a new era where you envision a new work-life. In fact, you can convert your envisions into reality by witnessing the exploration stage as per your flexibility in terms of location independence, getting an enhanced lifestyle by enjoying your personal time. 

A lot of companies, along with entrepreneurs today, are intending to go remote now. As flexible work is thriving in all kinds of industries and locations driven both by the desires of employees to build more balanced lives and the push by companies to achieve more profits as the future of work is foreseen to be remote. 

For all the people who are already working remotely or aiming to do so, we have taken from these 5 Remote Workers to have shared a little bit about their Remote Work journeys. 

Remote Virtual Assistant

Malek Fattah 

Virtual Assistant

From Egypt, Malek Fattah has been working as a Virtual Assistant for almost two years. Having the flexibility of location independence, working as a Virtual Assistant, actually made him feel lively. He has learned everything he could learn, and a couple of years later, still, he's learning.

On being asked about the best part about working as a Virtual Assistant, Malek said, "One of the parts I love the most about being a VA, I'll never get old."

Here's a message from Malek to all the aspiring Remote Workers -

Dream Big. Find your own Road-Map & Take Action NOW. When you hit a roadblock, push Through or find an alternative route. But, Never stop! Take Big Steps, Take Small Steps. It really doesn't matter as long as you take them! No one ever got anywhere while standing still. Eventually, you'll reach your destination.

Remote Blogger

Markus Linna 

Remote Travel Blogger

Markus Linna is another Remote Worker who is at the exploration stage of his Remote Work career as he commenced working as one a few months ago. He had a full-time job in Thailand, but because he didn't feel like going, so he decided to find some other options to earn money. The remote job was a straightforward solution since he could find the work he likes and work when he wants.

For him, Remote does have many flaws, too, like finding a good remote job. But for that, many portals are emerging with the best of the opportunities, and once you get a good remote job, Remote Work concept will let you live your life lively and freely.

Markus considers that everything has two sides, just like a coin. So everything does have its perks and flaws, but the biggest perk that Remote Work provides is location independence.

For all the aspiring Remote Workers out there, he said,

I would say, don't think you will get instantly enough jobs and money. It takes time and you have to be very active and you also have to be in touch with all kinds of people. And you have to use your imagination.

I wish Markus all the very best for his future accomplishments! 

Remote Worker

Claudia Quadri  

Italian Contributor and Localization Specialist

From Prague, Czech Republic, Claudia Quadri exclaimed, "Well... I have my business license in Prague (Czech Republic) and I work part-time for a Czech financial company. Basically, I am a tax preparer for Benelux countries. I actually created a Facebook page for this a few months ago, but never curated it because, in the meantime, I found a second job with an American company." when I asked her about her profession. 

Well, she's been working as a remote Italian Contributor and Localization Specialist currently. She loves working remotely as she said,

I was interested in working remotely because I like traveling and relocating to new places and, to be honest, working in an office (and, in general, in the same place for too long) is not for me.

Claudia counts on a lot of perks of working remotely, as it allows you to save a lot of time and money: you don't need to wake up early to catch a bus/train to go to work, or you don't need to spend money on a car and time in traffic jams, and you can schedule your work at your convenience. 

For all the aspiring Remote Workers, she would like to convey a message - "Do it today! Don't wait too long to start enjoying life."

Remote Developer

Remote Developer

Bargetzi is another Remote Worker who has been loving doing his job for almost a year. He commenced working as a Remote Worker for Appen. But later on, he found out that he was not being paid as per his performance and expectations. But now he is in search of a new job where he can find enough exposure. He is absolutely loving doing his job as a Remote Worker as he thinks that It's pretty nice as you can work where you want.

Bargetzi conveys a message for all the aspiring Remote Workers out there -

The only good job with a good salary that you can have remotely is of a developer. This is why I'm actually studying all the developer stuff. You can find pretty easily a job as there are not many developers available, and the demand is very strong.

Maris Kohv

Remote Architect

Wanting to be based in Lisbon, Maris wanted to continue working with the same company she did an internship as an architect, but it was nearly impossible for her to find a well-paid position. So she started to freelance remotely to Estonia, where she hails from. That soon developed into a lifestyle choice seeing all the benefits remote work brings and started to be immersed in the community - attending every nomad meet up, workshop, and panel discussion. Only after a few months of working remotely, the concept of Borderless Retreat was born - a co-living, co-working retreat for mindful nomads. 

From doing 50% of freelance architecture projects and 50% working on Borderless Retreat, Maris shifted to fully working on creating retreats and building a community. From 2020, she is planning to create a movement around emotional connection, well-being, and freedom in self-expression among nomads through several projects and events. Besides this, she will also make retreats monthly in Asia and Europe. 

Since remote working is yet far from the social standard, it's harder to find common ground. This connotes the biggest problem that Maris faces while working remotely, as she said, "Would consider biggest 'issue' returning home for a visit - as it is really human to want your closest circle to understand and support your life decisions to build healthy relationships. The answer to not feel alienated lies in taking full responsibility for your own emotions - not expecting people to support you but still being grateful when they do. And investing time and energy into building a community of like-minded people who support and inspire you."

The second problem that she gets to face is managing time and productivity, but it just takes practice and patience, working from co-working places or joining a co-living, co-working experience to resolve this problem. She embraces this work culture as she said,

I'm extremely grateful to live in a time and place where this lifestyle is possible but also take time to invest in happiness actively - in relationships, new experiences, groundedness, gratitude and to make decisions based on trust and love rather than fear.

Well, I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors!

Work Remotely

Work Remotely from Anywhere

What is your story?

Hence, these were their stories! What is yours? Or you don't have a story yet? If not, then what are you waiting for?

Go remote today and achieve the perfect equilibrium of your work culture and lifestyle! Also, you can become a Remote Work Expert by joining one of the world's largest online Remote Work Conference now.

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