Interview by Peter Slutsky from Automattic 

690+ WordPress Remote Workers in 63 Countries Speaking 80 languages - How are they doing it?

Peter Slutsky

Director of BD & Partnerships, Automattic (WordPress)




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  • Automattic's experiments with remote work over the years
  • Spontaneity & serendipity in virtual teams
  • Collaboration & communication within WordPress
  • Future of work & remote work's impact on making the world a better place


Peter Slutsky is the Director, Business Development & Partnerships at Automattic, the company behind WordPress, the software powering 30% of websites on the Internet. At Automattic, Peter focuses on the government, political, nonprofit and education sectors for the VIP team.

Peter has spent his career organizing people around issues and movements through traditional grassroots methods and emerging social software. Peter started his career as a field organizer on the John Kerry for President Campaign in the Iowa caucuses and later began working for technology companies where he helps individuals, brands, campaigns and nonprofits expand their reach and impact.

Prior to joining Automattic, Peter managed strategic relationships at Ning, a platform to create your own custom social network. At Ning, he focused on growing the politics, activism, nonprofit and government verticals. Following Ning, Peter served as Director of Evangelism for Mightybell, an early stage startup founded by Gina Bianchini.

Immediately following the 2004 presidential race, Peter moved to Washington, DC where he worked in communications for several firms and organizations. At the same time, he and his twin brother founded DoubleSpeak Media, a company that has produced podcasts and videos covering elections and telling stories from across the country. Peter has appeared as a political pundit on MSNBC, Al Jazeera English and CNN.