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As we all know that the job of HR Managers is to hire well efficient people for an organization. But it is not restricted to it, as they don’t just hire people; instead, they recruit the assets of the companies. If you’re an HR Manager, then you can surely imagine that you have your indulgence in many other tasks. Besides hiring people, you have to look after taking care of the newly hired candidate with their onboarding process, creating awareness about the company norms and policies, boost employee engagement, keeping the employees happy and satisfied.

Amid this hectic work schedule, you must wonder how to get relief. Imagine performing all these duties from your comfort zone. Feels good? Well, yes, it would as nobody would disagree to work from their ideal workspace.

Being a Remote HR can now actually make it happen. If you become one, you'll get access to global talent, and you can hire people across the globe with the flexibility of location independence. From recruiting people to bridging management and employee relations, you can perform every duty as per your comfort.

But what it takes to be a Remote HR? Here we receive from these Remote HR Managers, who have shared a little bit about how they manage to perform all the tasks with efficiency remotely.

Remote HR

Nataliia Semchuk 

Remote HR (SFox Models)

Nataliia has shared the essentials about the entire hiring process of candidates remotely. The company she works for has a scrupulous process of gathering requirements from the customer. For this purpose, every time they go to meet them in person: to learn more about their culture, values, environment but if not in person, then they catch up online. Based on the collected information, they create different versions of job ads and target different platforms. Besides this, they also actively use Facebook, Linkedin to search for the right candidates.

The next stage is CVs analysis or rather call pre-screening, wherein they analyse the data and choose the candidates they will proceed with for HR screening interviews. To hold this talk effectively, they create a screening checklist based on the requirements for the position.

They fill it in after the talk writes a summary. When the screening round is over together with technical experts, they determine the most fitting candidates for the internal technical interview.

The final round is to present the best applicants to the customer. Sometimes they prepare them before the interview in terms of cultural differences and business etiquette.

To take care of the onboarding of the selected candidates remotely might be a challenge, but here Nataliia has sorted it out for all. She believes that it is all about tightly follow-ups and polished processes. She told me that their customers prefer the onboarding period to be onsite. They have a plan of action for onboarding: negotiations with customers on who will be responsible for booking the flight tickets, accommodation and planning the agenda. And Then actually planning, booking, coordinating.

Another question raised about how communication takes place with the entire team while working remotely, which she addressed by saying, “Having remote teams makes communication our priority. Every month we have two scheduled talks. First one is unstructured, during which a person can share feelings, raise issues that concern them, or talk about how things are in life.

By the end of the month, we have a structured (which contains ten questions) talk, that helps to monitor the dynamics regarding efficiency, progress and teamwork, etc. Of course, when there are some urgent issues, we text, call, video call them to provide our maximum support and solve the existing problems.

We also follow up the customers, so that we gain an objective picture of how the situation is.

Also, we coordinate meetups, take them to conferences, organize activities, gather them to work together in one location from time to time.”

I wanted to know what challenges they face or might face during this while and Nataliia divided the answer of this query into three separate sections - Regarding candidates, Regarding customers and Regarding colleagues.

“Regarding candidates - it is that sometimes people decline your offer, do not communicate or provoke you, even when you explain your position politely. It is essential to ask about the background in detail and remember that you are the company’s brand representative and for that politeness matters the most.

Regarding customers - it is when a customer does not respond, you might think 100 times that you have lost them and imagine the worst-case scenarios in your head. Do not assume - ask! You must divide your customer’s requests/needs and what is easier to sell/find. Your client expects to solve some issues, so suggest only relevant and reliable solutions.

Regarding colleagues - there were moments when we had to address the criticism to each other. It is especially tricky when you are in a good relationship with a person, but the situation must be talked through and resolved. The biggest challenge is to stay open and objective.”

Furthermore, the Training and Development program begins after three months of their cooperation they create together with developers their Personal Development Plan. In this document, there is a list of skills and goals which developers need to achieve. Usually, the goals are connected with the Customer project, technology needs.

It’s crucial to determine concrete goals and divide them into smaller tasks with deadlines. Each month their HR/ Delivery manager tracks the progress and helps with advice. Also, developers offer what events they want to attend, and we try to coordinate all these wishes.

For now, they have developed custom tools for recruitment, sales, marketing and operations. However, they are also testing ready-made CRMs, ERP systems and analytics for more precise results. From what they have proved to be useful is LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, PointDrive, HootSuite, Dou, Facebook Ads and analytics, and GSuite.

Well, this was Nataliia’s journey as a Remote HR! I wish her all the very best for her future endeavours!

Remote HR Manager

Miqayel Mirzoyan  

Remote HR Manager

From Armenia, Miqayel has been working as a Remote HR for a long time now. To process with the hiring process, he first tries to understand that an applicant is a real person who wants a job or just sending cv randomly. If everything is right, he plans a date for the interview and does a video call. Based on the position, he put up the questions and understand if he/ she really fits for the job role and the company or not.

To take care of the onboarding process, he revealed that he prepares him/her to the job, team, the requirements, and give tools based on the position which will help not to get bored with the job. To keep track of communication and collaboration with the team, Miqayel uses no particular tools but makes sure that he is aware of the type of employees the company looks for. According to that, he chooses employees from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other job posting platforms etc. that mostly fit for the company and team.

But many times he had to face such scams where the applicant’s age did not meet the age criteria provided by the company. To get rid of such scams, he communicates well with his client, and for that, he sometimes uses Zoom video call and Skype for the same. He provides tools to the candidates based on their profiles.

Miqayel would suggest all the Remote HR Managers keep track of their communication and try to do it in an organized manner so that they don’t witness such scams in future.

Well, this was Miqayel’s story! I wish him all the very best for his journey ahead!

Remote HR Manager

Lena Kompaniiets 

Remote HR Manager

Lena is an active Remote HR who hails from Kyiv, Ukraine. She chooses candidates on various Job posting portals. After taking a thorough look at the candidate’s profile, she puts up a questionnaire based on their profiles, and after that, she asks the candidate to hop on a video or audio call to check their eloquence.

Once the entire process of hiring is completed, she boards the candidate via one to one call with the candidate first and then on the group call to introduce the candidate to the entire team. For communication, she prefers slack and Skype as it streamlines the communication process.

However, sometimes she gets to face problems while communicating with the client, for that she would recommend everyone to take a proper guide of using slack and stay active on the app to improvise the communication process throughout.

Well, this was Lena’s Remote story. I wish her good luck in her future and hope she excels in her journey ahead!

Ruchi Satapathy

Remote HR Manager

Commenced her Remote HR career in 2013, Ruchi has gained an immense amount of experience in the HR industry. Along with checking their skill set pertaining to the job role, she also tests communication skills, eagerness for the Job role and interest in the client company and minimum educational qualification criteria. It is mandated to check if the candidate has a stable candidature, i.e. person is not a job hopper who’s just changing jobs for money.

To check whether the candidate is open to learning or fit in the cross-cultural environment, she uses the client’s internal Psychometric testing tool and sometimes she uses her questionnaires depending upon the client and position level.

Google Hangout and Skype are some tools that she uses to handle the team and in case she faces any problem while communicating with the team, TeamViewer Any view - desktop sharing tool bridges the gap between the team and her. She conducts online fitness challenges, online photoshoot sessions and certain team building activities for entertainment purpose. Besides this, yearly new year personalized calendars are sent to the team members along with small goodies via courier.

Ruchi would like to advise all the Remote HR’s out there that you should always use the right tool, to begin with, any process.

Well, this was Ruchi’s journey as a Remote HR! I wish her all the very best!

Work Remotely

Work Remotely as HR Manager

What is your story?

Anyway, I hope the tips that these Expert Remote Recruiters have shared will benefit you in the future if you are also facing. And I hope all the aspiring Remote HR’s will get to learn something from their journey.

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