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A little knowledge can go a long way. So we decided to put together a curated and (hopefully) exhaustive list of resources - tools, blogs, templates, eBooks, videos - to help you start & scale remote work both as an individual or an organization.

These resources can help you secure a remote job, hire or lead a distributed team, build culture & engagement in a remote organization & access the best tools out there. This list is the result of our work over the last couple of years with industry experts, mentors, HR professionals & entrepreneurs experienced in remote work best practices.

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Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Want to work remotely? Or already doing it and wish to improve your strategies and practices? We have everything you need to know in this ultimate guide.
Blog By The Remote Work Summit.

Remote Work Starter Guide & Template for Better Management

Check out the 52-step Remote Work Starter Guide & Template for better management.
Template & Guide by TODOIST
Signup (free) & access the amazing template made by Todoist's team.

Collaboration & Storage

Email Marketing

Start Working Remotely with your Current Organization

When your organization does not have any remote employees, it can be difficult to become the first one. But with these tips, you can start remote work.
Blog By The Remote Work Summit.

Remo: Virtual workspace for Remote Teams

​Remo is an app designed to be a virtual workspace for remote teams. Visually, it is a top-down view, 2-D office map comprised of interactive “rooms.” The app uses video, audio and chat to allow employees within the space to interact naturally in real-time, from anywhere in the world. In short, Remo is all about real, human connection.


VPN Services

Four Ways Virtual Teams Fail

Remote work sure is the future of work but if not managed right, remote teams can often be a failure. Read the do's and don'ts of remote team management by Dr. Beat Buhlmann.


Want to work remotely with your currect organization? Check out this step-by-step actionable guide on how to convince your boss to let you work remotely.
Resource by Prodoscore.

Dev & Design

SEO Tools

The Future of Work is Remote

Remote work is on the rise. More and more companies and employees are going remote now. Its benefits are observed by both employees and the employer. The future of work is, in fact, remote!
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

Culture & Values of a
Remote Company

Culture is an essential part of any remote team or organization. Read about remote culture & values by Buffer.

Team Happiness

WordPress Themes

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Other Tools/Services

Looking for a Remote Job? Learn How you can Get One

When applying for a remote job, you will be evaluated on your capability to work in a remote environment. Here is exactly what your employer needs from you.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.


Most remote work opportunities require at least some level of English, and on top of that, jargon can also be a barrier for those who are new to remote work. That's why one of the keys to making remote work accessible is providing language resources—Remote Work Dictionary.

Landing Page Builder

Editor Tools


Meetings & Timezones

Wordpress Plugin

Building a Remote Culture

Building a culture within remote teams is the first step to efficient collaboration. Read how you can build culture in your team here.

These 3 Simple Steps have Helped Remote Teams Improve Collaboration

In a remote environment, strategies need to be followed to enjoy the benefits of flexible working. Follow 3 simples steps for effective collaboration.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

Project Management


Working and managing remotely has never been easier than it is now, thanks to some of the incredible tools available on the market that allow for instant communication and collaboration between your entire team. Check out the list of tools here.
Resource by Prodoscore.

Keeping Your Remote
Team Connected

Few things motivate an employee more than a strong connection to other people on their team. Closeness creates trust and trust helps us work more effectively together which sustains a drive to overachieve. Read more to learn how you can keep your remote team connected.

Password Management & VPN

Remote.com: Find Remote Jobs Anywhere

Looking for a remote job? Find one at Remote today! Remote is the world's #1 resource for remote jobs.

Buffer: State Of Remote Work

The State of Remote Work is Buffer's annual report that showcases the world of remote workers and seeks to understand them. Learn about the benefits and struggles that come along with remote work.

SafetyWings: Insurance for Nomads

Wherever you are in the world, ensure your safety! SafetyWing is building a global safety net for remote workers worldwide, with their travel medical insurance for just $37/4 weeks!

[Reality Check] : Busting Remote Work Myths

While the numbers of remote workers in the world are increasing fast, the stereotypes and remote work myths are slow to die. But we've busted all of them for you here.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

Employee Code of Conduct

Code of conduct is important for every organization whether working remotely or otherwise. Learn more about maintaining code of conduct when you can't be physically present for your team.
Free resource by GitHub

Same job, new country: Location independence

Moving to a new country with your remote job can benefit you in many ways. First, you can save more than half of your taxes. Second, you can have a lifestyle that you always dreamed of. Learn how you can move your business abroad.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

How to Lead a
Remote Product Team

Product management plays a pivotal role in modern technology and internet companies, but the prospect of doing so remotely is likely daunting to many practitioners. Kleanthis Georgaris, Toptal’s VP of Product provides strategies for adapting to the remote environment to drive product success. Learn everything you need to know about leading remote product teams here.

Use These 5 Proven tools: Ensure Smooth Work in Your Remote Company

Tools are an essential part of remote work. Here are top 5 tools to keep your work in place, improve productivity and ensures smooth collaboration.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

Remote Work &
Customer Support

The best teams are built upon people’s differences and their
strengths. Startups are a great example of where people from
different backgrounds and experiences collide to make magic. Read more about remote work in customer support here.
Free resource by Kayako

Ultimate List of 100+ Remote Jobs

Top 100 companies hiring remote workers, designers, developers, nomads & more. Remote jobs opportunities & career options, tools to work remotely and courses to help you efficiently work in a remote environment.

The Advice Process

The Advice Process - Image resource by Buffer

Miro : Collaboration without constraints

Miro enables you to engage all your collocated, distributed, or remote teams across formats, tools, channels, and time zones, without the constraints of physical location, meeting space, and whiteboards.
Experience the power of the #1 visual collaboration platform to create, collaborate, and centralize communication across your company.

Virtual Water Cooler in
Remote Team

From GIFs in Hipchat to theme days on Sqwiggle to supportive notes on iDoneThis and even our UP apps, every remote organization need a variety of “virtual watercoolers” that keep them connected in work and play. Get the inside look at Buffer's virtual water cooler moments.

Trust is Money! So Why Do Businesses Continue to Erode Trust in the Workplace?

The expression “time is money” may not carry the same weight as it did in the past. Of course, time is still valuable. Today I would propose the phrase “trust is money” is now more applicable.

10 Common Mistakes of Outsourcing

Outsourcing operations is very common for entrepreneurs now. But are you really doing it right? Learn about the 10 common mistakes made when outsourcing and how to avoid them.

Achieve High Productivity in Your Remote Team

Structure and guidelines are necessary for remote teams. Apart from the guidelines set for the entire team, one should set personal guidelines as well. Learn about how guidelines can help you improve team productivity.
Blog by The Remote Work Summit.

Self Defined Self Management

Every remote worker needs to excel at self-management since a remote environment does not allow your employer to keep a check on you. Learn how you can do it here - Self Defined Self Management by Buffer.

Remote Entrepreneurs can save $200,000 Per Year by Legally Avoiding Taxes

Remote entrepreneurs often end up paying more than half of thier income to the governments of various countries. What if I told you there is another way? Read more to know.
Blog By The Remote Work Summit.

Why this CEO started remote work in his $1.16 billion company

Remote work isn’t just for start-ups. Huge organizations have embraced remote work and have experienced the endless benefits it has for the employer as well as the employees.
Blog By The Remote Work Summit.


If you’re in the market for a job that lets you work from home, FlexJobs has a resource just for you. Check out the free guide to finding a remote job now.

Triple Overload Challenge

While the digital age offers many opportunities
arising from new data, it also poses a significant
challenge with regard to constant distractions and
multiple areas of information and data overload. Read more about the Triple Overload Challenge here.
PDF Resource by Dr. Beat Buhlmann, Evernote

How to Build Culture in Remote Teams

Culture is king in successful organizations. But executives who want to embrace the benefits of distributed teams—from higher productivity and happiness to lower stress and turnover in the workforce—often grapple with the following dilemma: isn’t it hard to nurture a healthy culture when your employees are far away? Learn how you can easily build culture in remote teams here.

Communication Guidelines for Email, Chat & Meetings

Never go wrong when communicating with your remote team. Read more : Communication Guidelines for Email, Chat, Calendar & Meetings
PDF Guide by Dr. Beat Buhlmann, Evernote

Keep Track of Where & When Your Team is

Keep of track of where each of your team member is and effectively collaborate in a remote team. Checkout TimeZone now.

Virtual Co-working Space

Product Hunt brings you the first ever online co-working space with an aim to keep remote teams engaged, motivated and accountable. Add the extension to your browser to experience this new workplace for remote teams.

Founder Club by Product Hunt

Founder Club offer a curated list of products and services to start and accelerate your growth. Save big on tools and services that help kick start your business today!

Overcome Remote Work Difficulties

Overcome the challenges of working in a remote environment. Find solutions to communication difficulties, low productivity, distractions and more.

Join Fiverr Today

Work With Top Quality, Hand-Picked Professionals, Trusted By The World’s Leading Brands. Use Promo code REMOTEWORK19 for 15% off your first order on Fiverr. Valid until 07/31/2019 to the first 150 users

Remote Work Profile for Freelancers

Get your remote work profile done by professionals in the industry. Build your virtual identity today and secure remote jobs.

Distributed Team Profile

Take the guesswork out of building positive and productive team dynamic. Join today and efficiently collaborate within remote teams.

Remote Leadership Summit 2019

Join established remote leaders to identify and solve the unique set of challenges within your teams. Tackle company culture, business development, team management, networking as a remote professional, and more. Special discount code for your community to save $100 on every ticket! Code is: RWS

SoftwareMill’s Handbook for New Employees

Learn from our 10 years of experience in working as a 100% remote team and shaping our company's DNA that keeps us together. In the ebook we share all the secrets like: why do we all meet daily for 30 minutes, how does the first day in our team look like, which tools do we use on a daily basis, how do we make decisions in a bottom-up company, what is chrum and many, many more.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams: A Psychological Perspective

​​Learn the best practices of efficiently managing a remote team from experts with years of remote work experience.

Remote work: 9 Tips for Eliminating Distractions and Getting Things Done

​​Working remotely comes with great power and great responsibility. Here are a few tips on being efficient and productive.

GitLabbers Share How to Recognize Burnout (and How to Prevent it)

Burning out is a common feeling at startups – here's what we're doing at GitLab (and you can too) to address it.

Remote Company Transition Plan

Are you looking to transition your team to a fully remote company? Or plan to have part of your team to be remote? Included in this transition document are:
- Sample transition plan, a Gantt Chart and timeline
- Transition checklist, all the items you need to have before your migrate!
- Meeting cadences guideline for your leaders and team members

Download now so you can avoid the common pitfalls of going remote!

A Guide To Remote Employees

​​Learn everything about hiring, onbaording, and managing remote employees. JustWorks has put together an extensive guide for effectively working with remote teams.

Hiring Remote Employees? Get These Top 5 Interview Tips

​​Managing remote employees has never been more essential in today’s workplace. Finding and interviewing the right candidates for your company from afar requires extra consideration. Take a look at our interview tips.

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Remote Employees

​When hiring remote employees, it’s important to think about the impact isolation can have. How can you best support the mental health of your remote team members?

Considering Remote Employment? Practical Tips for Workers and Employers

Remote employment can be a great fit for many workers and businesses. But remote work comes with its share of challenges. How can you ensure good communication and productivity? Check out these tips from our guest contributor Croissant.

Hiring Remote Employees In A New State: Know The Rules

Staying compliant when hiring remote employees is difficult at best. Know the rules for expanding your team in new states.

Design Like Never Before! Claim Your Discount Now

​Fotor is a revolutionary photo editor and design creator. It provides everyone a professional-level photo editing and design engine that is simple to use and easy to pick up. With a plethora of design templates, anyone can create their own graphic works for all manner of projects from anywhere, including social media content, blog images, posters, logos, banners, flyers, book covers, invitations, and resumes. Fotor is the best choice for remote workers and freelancers.

Trust is the New Currency
of Today’s Workforce

​Lack of trust among teams is a critical issue today. Learn how you can build trust and scale remote teams here.

Simplify Collaboration for
Your Remote Team

​Remote conversations, don’t have to feel remote. With Flock, your team can discuss ideas, share updates and track team progress as though you are all in the same room!

The Ultimate Guide To Remote Work

​Working remotely and running a remote team seems like black magic to many. Yet at Zapier, we've been working remotely since our founding in October of 2011. This book shares everything we've learned about running a remote team—our successes and our failures.

Overcome the Remote Work Isolation

​Remote teams need a place for learning, problem solving, having fun and motivating each other. Teeming helps by making it easy to bond and do deep work, together, in real-time. Quickly spin up interactive work sessions to solve problems, do a check-in, play a game, engage in ice-breakers or feedback rounds. Works with all video platforms.

Find Remote Jobs

​​Find remote jobs for women with Power To Fly.

Twist - Communication Tools for Remote Teams

When your team runs on virtual collaboration, email and group chat become dysfunctional fast.
You need an organized hub to discuss ideas, share updates, and build knowledge that the whole team can refer back to – even years later.

How to Hack Craigslist for Remote Work

​​In this free training session, Kari DePhillips and Kelly Chase of the Workationing podcast show you how to hack your way into high paying remote work, so that you can finally ditch the 9-to-5 grind.

Ultimate Remote Job Board List for Hiring Remote Employees

​Check out 146 Curated Remote Job Boards & Communities for Recruiting Remote Talent

Having trouble transitioning to a remote environment? Or not sure how to manage a remote team? Everything you are looking for, we have it here. From top remote tools to detailed checklists, everything you need to become a remote work expert is here! 

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