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Digital Nomad Working

What is Remote Work
ROI Calculator?

The Remote Work ROI calculator gives you an estimated amount of what you can save if your organization goes fully remote! It is based on a well-thought formula that leverages essential factors required to calculate a remote organization’s total savings.

Why should you use ROI calculator?

You know that your team should be working remotely but it seems impossible to measure the real return on any initiative.
It’s a good idea in theory, but because you’re unable to convince others, it ends up going back to the bottom of your priority list.
Sound familiar?
We understand. So we put together a Remote Work ROI Calculator to help you figure out the Amount of money that your Organization will save if you go remote.
This Remote Work ROI Calculator is all you need to make a strong case and be able to invest where it counts the most: your people.

Places Work Remotely

STEP 1 : Enter Total spend on employees + Annual workspace Cost + Annual office expenses

STEP 2 : Enter the estimated % increase in productivity of employees

STEP 3 : Enter the total number of employees

STEP 4 : Enter avg. salary of an employee/year

RESULT : Click Calculate.

Formula Used

The total amount saved if the company goes remote =
{[(Total Spend on Employees per Year) / (Total No. of Employees)] – (Average Salary of Employee per Year)} x Total No. of Employees

The total amount saved due to increase in Productivity =
(({[(Total Spend on Employees per Year) (Total No. of Employees)] – (Average Salary of Employee per Year)} Total No. of Employees)*(
Avg. Increase in Employee productivity when going remote))/100


Total Spend on Employees per YearIt is the total amount that your organization spends on the employees in a year + Total Workspace Cost + Office Expenses.

Total No. of Employees-
It is the total number of employees in your organization

Average Salary of Employee per year-
It is the average amount of salary that your employees get calculated on an annual basis.

Average Increase in Employee productivity when going remote- It is the average increment in Employee Productivity when going remote.

Total Savings when you go remote– It is the total amount that you will be saving in a year if you go fully remote. (based on your mentioned metrics)

Total Savings due to increment in Productivity:– It is the total amount that you will be saving in a year due to an increase in productivity. (based on your mentioned metrics)

Looking for a Remote Job?

The Value of the Remote Work ROI Calculator

Remote work is on its way to becoming the cult of work culture in the near future.
The world has reached such a stage where technology can be leveraged to bring in a revolution in the way people work.
Have you ever imagined the costs that you can save while working remotely?
You don’t have to maintain a physical workplace, face commuting hassles, or pay extra costs for the maintenance of the office.
You can invest the saved costs in different business ventures and explore global talents and opportunities.
So why don’t you consider this calculator to have a basic estimate of the costs that you can save while working remotely?

The Realm of Remote Work

We are living in the times of super-fast internet with countries already on its way to planning for 6G internet services. So, why are we still working as if we are in the 1960s? There are ample of tools that make our daily work as a piece of cake. And of course, we can’t imagine our work being done without them. Moreover, for someone who is working in a remote environment, it becomes a real deal to get the job done. Don’t you think that remote work culture should become the mainstream work culture in the near future? 

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