Build Your Remote

Build Your Remote

Attend Online: 14 - 16 April 2020

11,000+ Professionals Shall Attend Online. Will You?

Remote work (full-time work-from-home) is supposed to be the one real benefit of the internet. We got ‘TikTok’ instead. 

Imagine if all of us could work from anywhere, anytime, however, we want to, without any barriers.

We are advocates of flexible work, work from anywhere policies, sharing economy, diversity & gender balance at work.To make sure there is real value in this online conference, we got together a phenomenal panel of speakers. See & judge for yourself.

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Founded in 2012, Boldly is a premium subscription staffing company with team members in North America and Europe. We help founders and executives move their business forward by providing highly skilled remote staff they can trust to represent their business and carry out responsible tasks—all on a simple monthly subscription.


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Anecdotes of Remote Work Experts

Hailley Griffis, Head of Public Relations

Communicating Proactively in a Remote Team

“I don’t just message my CEO with ‘Hey Joel’ and wait for him to respond. When working remotely, it is highly essential to respect the team member’s time and get straight to the point.”

Allan K. Christensen, COO

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The Remote First Policy at Doist

“Remote work was a necessity for us because we wanted to hire the best talent. Since we didn’t know the labour market or the local language of the city, our founders decided to use their network to hire people remotely. This concept served us in many ways and we decided to stick to it.”

Barbra Gago, Chief Marketing Officer

Collaborating Through a Virtual Whiteboard

“Whiteboards are an essential part of any team. And for virtual teams, it is more important to have a virtual set up that engages them and keeps them in the loop. So we built Miro. At its core, it creates an intimate virtual whiteboard that helps the team collaborate virtually.”

Tammy Bjelland, Founder & CEO

Why Do You Need to ‘Learn’ How to Work Remotely?

“Remote workers need the same skills that a traditional office worker would require. However, there are some specific areas of remote work skills that need special attention. If you do not learn the skill of remote work, it will instantly reflect on your work and productivity.”

Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager

Evaluating Candidates for Remote Roles

“I highly believe in referrals when hiring remotely. Since the candidates come through someone I trust, it builds this transitive web of trust between the candidate and me. But that’s not all. Proof of work is also a great way to evaluate candidates.”

Stella Garber, Product Marketing Lead

Trello’s Remote Work Policy

“We follow a remote-friendly culture at Trello. We do not say remote-first because we want to give our team members a choice. But what we do focus on is engaging every employee in the organization through defined processes and guidelines.” 

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