Work From Home Calculator

How much time, money, and fuel you can save each year by working from home?

  • Tired of squandering cash on gas?
  • Tired of sitting around in rush hour gridlock?
  • Don't wanna squander cash on parking costs or office expenses?

Ever wondered about how much you can save and contribute to the environment as well if you go remote?

There’s amazing news for you:

This Work From Home Calculator can calculate all these savings for you:

Let’s assume the following personal commute scenario:

  • He works 6 days a week.
  • His daily office expenses are $60.
  • His Vehicle mileage (miles/gallon) is 20.
  • He covers 60 Miles Distance in a round trip commute.
  • His round-trip driving time is 90 minutes.
  • Fuel cost in his area is $3 per gallon.
  • He doesn't have any vehicle parking cost.

Mike is a full time employee

Hi, I am Mike

Based on these figures, Mike could save $21,528 in total expenses (Annually) and could save 416 hours (Annually) of commuting to work if he works remotely. 
Also, based on the above data he can contribute to the environment by saving
4195 Pounds of Carbon emission.

Looking for a Remote Job?

Formula Used:

Public Vehicle
Time Saved Weekly = Daily Commute time X Number of Working Days
Cost Saved Daily = Daily commute Cost + Daily Total Expenses in Office
Cost Saved Weekly = Cost Saved Daily X Number of working Days

Private Vehicle
Time Saved Weekly =Time for a round trip X Number of working days in a week
Cost Saved Daily = [(Daily Round Trip / Vehicle Avg) X Daily Round Trip Distance] + Parking Cost + Daily Expenses
Cost Saved Weekly = Cost Saved Daily X Number of Working Days
Co2 Emission Daily = (Daily Round Trip / Vehicle Avg) X 19.42
Co2 Emission Annually = Co2 Emission Daily X Number of Working Days X 52
Co2 Offset Value = (Co2 Emission Annually X 5.95) / 1000