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Since we are living in the 21st century, we’ve come across the era when technology wasn’t as significant as it is today. The graph of technology advancement has hiked rapidly over the past ten to fifteen years. This advancement has given an inclined impact to the new work culture - Remote Work or instead call it the new generation of corporate affairs.

This impact is purging the 9-5 corporate life of employees, and people are more likely to work remotely from home or their favorite workplace. For this, all you need is a non-spotty internet connection, a handy laptop, and some relevant Remote Work tools. And there you go!

To get you started on your way to locating and landing your ideal work from home job, we’ve listed some of the ways that you can choose to work remotely from your home.

Work from home

1. Telecommuting and Telework

Many work-from-home job seekers initially lookout to work with an employer instead of owning their own home business. Several reasons go along with this, includes income stability, employee benefits, or fear of self-employment tax.

Just like a traditional 9-5 job, a Teleworker or a Telecommuter performs all the duties and tasks from the virtual office. If you choose to work as a Teleworker, then you will be linked via Skype, i-Chat, or webcam, and you’re in continuous communication with your colleagues, managers, and clients via this technology.

Many employers are open to Telecommuting if you offer them the quality work at the home proposal. Furthermore, many other companies hire home-based workers, so you can freely lookout for the option.

If you’re caught away from your workstation, then you would surely be answerable to your senior about the temporary absence. As there is some investment involved in setting you up as a Teleworker, you’ll be likely to be expected to work fairly every day.

Some of the jobs associated with Teleworker are Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Architect, Auditor, Consultant, Journalist, Programmer, Psychologist, Training Designer, Transcriptionist, or Writer.

Enjoy the perks of working remotely

2. Full-Time Remote Work

Remote Workers are the ones who envision life on their own terms. Many people are too torpid or have their reasons to not work in a 9-to-5 traditional corporate culture. And if you’re one of them, then you can begin working as a full-time remote worker.

Remote Work will render you the benefit of flexible work schedules and the ability to work from anywhere, including their homes. It benefits not only you but also the company with reduced overhead costs, the ability to hire workers in different countries, and smooth operations around the clock.

Developers, designers, e-commerce peeps, SEO experts, and social media managers, but also product managers, marketers, business consultants, writers, etc. are some of the professions that one can look up to working remotely.

3. Freelancing

Well, Freelancing is somehow similar to Contract Work, but as mentioned above, it has a few differences from that of a contract work job. If you’re working as a Freelancer, you’ll be most likely to have more control of your work, such as what you offer and how you do it than in contract work.

Also, sometimes, Freelancers work as a sole proprietor and hence, can transform their freelance work into a business, offering the same services, but under a business name and different business anatomy.

Working as a Freelancer surely gives you many virtues as you can set your fees and rates, which can be changed as per different projects. Also, you can start working as one as long as you have the tools and equipment for the same.

4. Self-owned Home Business

Well, this one’s for you if you’re willing to purge the employee tag from your name or don’t have hands-on and desire to be a contract worker or freelancer. Many people usually resist the complexity of establishing a business, but there are a lot of steps that you can simply implement.

Businesses are usually divided into two segments - product-based and service-based. Product-based business involves dealing with all kinds of tangible goods. At the same time, the service-based business comprises providing a service to the customer, such as design, writing, Management, SEO, and much more.

Set-up your home office

What do you think?

Well, these were some of the exciting ways you can work remotely from home. To get a complete insight of Remote Work, you can join The Remote Work Summit, where you’ll get to learn a lot about working in a remote environment from industry experts.

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